Bag Yourself A Once-In-A-Lifetime Job at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Well, we have good news for you. The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will be held from 28 July until 8 August 2022, is looking for people to work at the Games and want to hear from you.

An unforgettable event people will be talking about for years to come, Birmingham 2022 is an opportunity to put the city, region and its people on the global stage.

The Games will see around 4,500 athletes from 72 nations and territories compete in 19 sports and eight para-sports, across 15 competition venues. As the biggest event ever to be held in the West Midlands, it is expected to attract more than one million spectators to the city and a worldwide TV audience of more than one billion.

Birmingham 2022 will be the Games that brings people together from across the city, and the region, providing a warm welcome to millions of visitors during the summer of 2022… and you could be part of it.

Work at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

So, why not consider being part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games? With jobs lasting only three weeks , you could make the most of the summer having an experience you’ll talk about for years to come.

This summer why not make Birmingham 2022 work for you. If you have any management experience in crowd safety, security and stewarding at live events, large venues and sports facilities such as football stadiums, or if were you at the London 2012 Olympics – Birmingham 2022 especially want to hear from you.

With thousands of jobs available across catering, security, cleaning, retail, events and more – with no prior experience required – there’s something for everyone. Make this the summer you do something spectacular, gain valuable experience or build new skills.

Apply Today Hurry! The Games Start on the 28th July!

What Kind of Roles Can I Apply for at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games?

There are a huge number of potential opportunities available at Birmingham 2022, including:

Cleaning: As the Games strives to deliver a level of excellence and present Birmingham to the world , ensuring a well-functioning cleaning service across all venues and athlete villages is imperative to achieving this and helping all athletes, officials and spectators benefit from a clean and tidy environment.

Catering: The catering team will be fuelling the Games by feeding all those involved, including the 6500 athletes and team officials, the Games workforce and the one million or more spectators.

Housekeeping: A clean environment is a happy and productive one, and our 4,500 athletes need to perform at their best. In housekeeping you will have the responsibility of upholding a high standard of clean living for our athletes, ensuring they have an outstanding Games experience.

Retail: Play a vital part in the public’s enjoyment of the Games through ensuring excitement among spectators, assisting with ticketing enquiries and selling our fantastic Birmingham 2022 merchandise.

Security: A safe Games is of paramount importance, and with a role in security you would help to keep the Games safe for everyone. The team will be stationed at all venues, maintaining secure perimeters and effective management of pedestrian and vehicle access.

Event Stewarding: Stationed at the core of the action, stewards are the main point of interaction with spectators and therefore have a significant role in ensuring a safe and efficient experience is enjoyed by all.

Transport: With a role in Transport, you can help to keep the Games running smoothly. This role is at the heart of the Games operation and involves traffic management, parking facilities, as well as, client and spectator transport. You will be helping to ensure vehicles get to the right place at the right time, keeping the Games ticking.

For more details on these job opportunities and to apply, please visit Birmingham 2022 Jobs

Interesting Facts and Figures About Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

• The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games will invest £778 million pounds into the West Midlands.

• Sandwell Aquatics Centre is a brand-new £73 million venue, housing 1,000 permanent spectator seats and open to the public in 2023.

• Birmingham 2022 is the biggest sports and cultural event in the UK since 2012, and the biggest ever held in the West Midlands.

• With 19 sports, including 8 para-sports, over 11 days of competition, the Games features the largest integrated para-sport programme at any Commonwealth Games.

• The Games will also award more medals to women than men for the first time.

• Carrying on the theme of ‘firsts’ – there will be three new sports included in this edition of the Commonwealth Games - Women’s Cricket T20, Basketball 3x3 and Wheelchair Basketball 3x3.

• With 35,000 Games-time roles being filled, people have a chance to be part of the behind the scenes workforce, ensuring Birmingham 2022 is a landmark event for the region.

• Research shows a £ 1 billion pound uplift for cities hosting the Commonwealth Games.

• Birmingham and the West Midlands are expecting to see a 25% boost in tourism – along with a global TV audience of 1.5 billion viewers over the 11 days of the games.

• In 2002, Manchester saw a 23.5% decline in unemployment after hosting the games.

• Glasgow saw an 18% reduction in crime during and immediately after hosting the games.

• Alexander Stadium will host 30,000 game time spectators per session - post-games it will revert to a permanent capacity of around 18,000 (the largest permanent facility capable of hosting major athletics in the UK).

• The first Commonwealth Games with the ambition of leaving a carbon-neutral legacy.

If you want to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, make sure you get in fast by visiting the website here: Birmingham 2022

With 35,000 Games-time roles being filled, people have a chance to be part of the behind the scenes workforce, ensuring Birmingham 2022 is a landmark event for the region.
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