8 Achievements to Include on Your CV

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As the digital, data and technical job markets continue to become more competitive, it’s more vital than ever that your CV makes an immediate impact.


An achievement-focused CV will give employers a real insight into why you’re so great at what you do! Measurable accomplishments are the most impressive, so where possible you should include statistics.

Here are 8 questions to ask yourself so you can start building an achievement-focused CV that showcases your accomplishments and also demonstrates the transferable skills you have to offer.

1. How many people did you support in your role?

Were you responsible for training any team members? Being put in this position shows a great level of trust from your employer. It’s also worth talking about the number of stakeholders you worked with.

2. How did you improve your area of the business?

You could focus on how you improved processes or the reputation of your department internally and with clients. It pays to be specific and provide examples of how you worked your magic!

3. What problems did you solve?

Every business is different, but it’s surprising how similar their problems are! Offer a detailed example of how you found a solution that made a real difference.

4. What changes did you make that are still in place?

Did you create any new systems, content or guidelines that your company valued enough to continue using after you left?

5. Did you win any awards?

Were you or your team awarded by your company or recognised by your industry? Being humble is an important quality, but if you’ve received any awards, you should definitely talk about it!

6. Did you become a subject matter expert?

Were you the go-to authority within any areas of the business? This shows confidence in your ability and that you became respected company-wide for your talent.

7. What were your proudest moments?

Not only is this a chance for a humble brag, but it shows you have an emotional connection to your work and genuinely care!

8. Were you a part of any special projects or task forces?

Focus on a project similar to those you’ll be working on if successful with your application. This will help the employer imagine you working for their team.

Credit to: ReThink Group