About Us

There's no denying it, the world is changing. We are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, where success, happiness and possibility have no age limit. Yet, we currently have an outdated approach towards ageing and life after 50 that no longer serves us.

Life/Redefined is the UK’s champion for the over-50s. We’re a disruptor. We’re here to challenge the status quo. We reject the idea that the most dynamic part of life is before 50. We advocate for age diversity, positivity and inclusion across all areas of life.

We are for the vibrant, thrill-seeking, healthy, young-minded, future-focused, on-the-pulse, passionate, fun-loving, who have that you-bet-your-ass-I-can-do attitude who want to be a part of it. With information and insight on careers, finance, legal and lifestyle inspiration for the affluent 50-plus demographic, we aim to be the most-trusted authority and the go-to source for over-50s.

Design A Life You Love - Where Age is No Barrier

Yes, that's correct, there's no rulebook here. Especially when it comes to ageing and retirement. In fact, we'd go as far to say that the concept of retirement in its current form needs to be retired.

We are big believers that you should be able to design a life you love and not stick to a linear path and restrictive framework.

New career in your 50s? Why the hell not! Working three months a year and chasing ski seasons around the world? Absolutely. Find the love of your life in 60s? Go for it. Out every weekend? That's more like it.

As part of the 55/Redefined Group, it’s our mission here at Life/Redefined to embody a movement and champion change at a societal level. We powerfully reject the common stereotypes and prejudices that create barriers to what one can achieve over 50. Whilst people accept getting older means getting wiser, we believe that it also means being bolder and more dynamic in our decision making and demanding more from life.

"We aim to be the most-trusted authority and the go-to source for over-50s"

How are We Going to Achieve Our Mission?

We've set out to take the world on a journey and prove that success, happiness and possibility have no age limit. We believe you can live your best life at 50 and beyond and aim to inspire and support you in whichever way you need.

No, we don't have plans to slow down for the quiet life. Yes, at some point there might be less work, however, this is to make way for more adventure.

The key to having choices later in life is to take control NOW. The good news is, it's not as complicated as many think. The difference between an array of options and limited choices comes down to a smart investment here, some pension planning there and some tax-savvy choices there. What's key is the RIGHT advice at the RIGHT time.

To ensure you have all of the tools you need, we work with a panel of experts, partners and brands who also believe in removing age as a barrier to ambition, so with us you only talk to people who will celebrate your aims, understand your needs and help address your challenges.

Become A Life/Redefined Member

Joining us is free and allows you to access a wide range of benefits aligned to our beliefs. All you need to do is sign-up by creating an account and follow along on social to stay up to date on this exciting journey. Some of the benefits you'll have access to include:

We believe in long-life learning.

We provide tools for on-going personal development to support you in achieving new career opportunities, workplace confidence and general wellbeing through:

  • FREE online training courses addressing many key workplace challenges
  • FREE personality test to enable greater personal understanding for development
  • FREE article content to aid personal development

We believe in long-life careers.

From flexible jobs to brand new starts, setting up your own business venture to corporate employment we cover it all.

  • Access to our Job Board over at Jobs/Redefined which is tailored to over-50s.
  • We work with with employers to explicitly hire over-50s and remove ageism from recruitment
  • Expert advice Q&As from leading career coach and business expert

We believe in setting long-life financial ambitions.

We are supported by experts who give the right advice aligned to your specific goals.

  • FREE ‘mid-life' financial MOT with a SOLLA accredited expert
  • Expert advice articles on financial planning including tax savvy tips, pension planning, retirement income and more
  • Insurance experts who ensure the right protection is in place for your home, family, pets and special items with bespoke solutions

We believe in sharing inspiring stories to power your ambitions.

Our goal is simple: to shatter age-related stereotypes and create a world where our years do not define us.

  • In order to create meaningful change, we bring you the stories and showcase the lives of entrepreneurs, leaders, creatives, philanthropists, scientists, lobbyists, everyday people, and more, who all, after the age of 50, are living their most-fulfilled lives.
  • Travel ideas and deals from our holiday partners Rough Guides, Black Tomato and Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Property, second-home and investment advice – home or abroad supported with legal and finance expert articles
  • Lifestyle inspiration from cars to interiors to fashion

The 55/Redefined Best Partner Promise

The 55/Redefined Best Partner Promise badge

As the UK’s champion for over-50s, our Partner Promise recognises products and services – such as financial, legal, insurance, education, lifestyle and more – that set out to make life simpler and more seamless for you, so that you can spend more time living and doing the exciting things.

We hand-pick and vet each business that is awarded the 55/Redefined Partner Promise Badge based on our own vigorous assessment benchmarks, analysis and regular evaluations. Each partner we work with is selected because they share our values, including the following:

Drawing of a flag on a pole

Champions of anti-ageism, diversity and
inclusion across all areas

Drawing of a party popper

Exceptional quality of customer service and experience

Drawing of a certificate

High standards of trust, transparency, and customer value for money

Drawing of two hands holding a heart

Hold trust, transparency, and value to the
customer at the centre

Our Partners
Slater and Gordon logo

With a breadth of offering covering all consumer legal services plus a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Slater and Gordon are the perfect partner for us to collaborate with to build the UK’s first “for all life’s needs” one stop shop service for our members.

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Integrity 365 logo

Having a financial planning partner that specialises in later life advisory is key to 55/Redefined. All of Integrity365’s advisers are experts in pensions, trusts, estate planning and making the most of your income and savings to fulfil your life needs.

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Partners& logo

Finding an insurance broker who could get the best value and premium cover for anything and everything that is important to over-55s, led us to Partners&. Whatever your general insurance need, they will have a solution for you.

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Fluent Money logo

Fluent Money have the largest panel of lenders that provide equity release, second-home mortgages, buy to let, retirement interest only mortgages, and the expertise to support you hand in hand to get you the funding that you seek.

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Succession+ Logo

Our Succession Planning Services are about getting three things right at the same time – the business, the owners and the finances – business and family – to ensure the best possible exit outcomes for all stakeholders.

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Maguire Training logo

Experts in diversity and inclusion, Maguire Training are the best-in-class in e-learning, business and soft-skills training and came recommended to us by employers working with our job board as their top training partner.

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Mr & Mrs Smith Logo

Never has a hotel or villa from Mr & Mrs Smith disappointed and the service experience is always top class. Working together to build a portfolio of fun, intriguing and inspiring getaways for our 55/Redefined Members was the perfect fit for bringing travel up to date for the over-55s we serve.

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C-me logo

Understanding yourself and gaining insight over personal traits is an essential part of planning our future lives and careers and aligning to what we are naturally strong at. As such, we wanted to create free access to a personal insight tool and partner with a psychometric organisation that was as passionate about the over-55 challenge at work as us.

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