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Want A New Challenge? Ipsos is Hiring UK Market Researchers

Age-Inclusive Employer Ipsos Is Looking for Sociable and Friendly Market Researchers Who Want to Make a Difference

Annette Corbett
Annette Corbett
Annette Corbett is a freelance writer, and contributor to 55 Redefined, Reworked and more recently Raconteur for The Times.

If you feel strongly that the general public’s opinions count, and that this is a time for people’s thoughts and opinions be recorded, then you’ll want to read on.

Ipsos is a leading-UK research company and each year their face-to-face Field Department carry out around 400,000 interviews at people’s homes, across the UK. They are currently looking to recruit a bank of casual Market Researchers around the country.

As an age-inclusive employer, they want to speak to you, the Life/Redefined community.

Ipsos Is Looking for Market Researchers

As a Market Research interviewer, you will join a team of over 600 who cover the UK and carry out interviews which help to shape social, political, media and the tech landscape.

Speaking about the process of decision-making in organisations, Didier Truchot, CEO of Ipsos believes, “you act better when you are sure”, and this role is pivotal to supporting that core philosophy.

What’s It Like to Work at Ipsos? Let’s Hear from Some Employees:

What other Ipsos employees have to say might strike a chord with those of you who retirement is not quite for. Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to find work that fits around caring responsibilities for family members. Perhaps it’s challenging to find social activities locally and you’d like to meet more people.

James took up market research after a career in banking and found he enjoyed giving people a say in what they thought about a wide range of subjects, which helps government decisions meet the needs of the public.

He found the training to be comprehensive and was offered as many practice sessions as he wanted until he felt comfortable going out on his first assignment. James feels rewarded in his work knowing that he will meet lots of people and that one day will never be quite like the next.

Maureen wanted to return to work after her children had grown up and loves the challenge of achieving her quotas. She enjoys working outdoors, as well as visiting different towns and villages and has met people from all walks of life, many of whom have left with wonderful lasting memories.

Summing up her time working for Ipsos, Maureen feels she is doing a job that she loves, which pays her bills and keeps her fit and allows her to organise her own time. How many jobs can offer all these options?

Eddie is a retired police officer who has been working part-time as a Market Research Interviewer with Ipsos for the past 6 years. He attributes the most important requirement of the job is to be able to converse with people in a way that puts them at ease. That way it’s possible to gain an accurate understanding of their position and views.

What’s Interesting About the Market Research Role with Ipsos?

In a world of rapid change, the need for reliable information, shaped by public opinion and behaviours, has never been greater. Data collected by the Market Research Interviewer helps organisations to make important decisions about matters such as climate change and sustainability, justice, education and consumer issues. This in turn can encourage change at government policy level.

Recent studies covered topics that affect us all from menopause through to mental health, as well as the current state of our healthcare services and from which key decisions can be made to support those affected.

If you feel strongly that it’s important for the public voice to be presented to decision making organisations then working as a Market Researcher for Ipsos is a job that you would enjoy doing – and one that has a purpose too.

Below are two examples of recent research published by Ipsos, from information gathered by Interviewers.

How should the banking sector respond to the cost-of-living crisis?

Three in four say waiting times for NHS emergency treatment are too long while a majority are not confident they will be seen quickly in A&E.

What Makes Ipsos a Great Place to Work?

Care and commitment are guiding principles at the centre of the Ipsos approach. One of our favourite things about Ipsos is that it recognises the challenges life can throw at you and runs wellbeing initiatives which focus on financial, mental and physical wellbeing as well as the importance of being able to work flexibly.

Secondly, Ipsos are an age-inclusive accredited employer and is proud to support its employees through different life stages and circumstances.

For example, this could be enhanced leave following a bereavement or paid time off for those suffering or supporting someone through menopause. Other reasons Ipsos are a standout company include:

  • The Ipsos Carer Pledge. Caring commitments don’t have to prevent you from having a meaningful career thanks to this initiative, which makes it possible to manage caring responsibilities while developing your career. (This is a casual role, so candidates can choose their own days and hours.)
  • Inclusion and diversity are important principles at Ipsos. They value the differences that diversity brings and have built an inclusive workplace based on equality, equity and fairness where employees can thrive.
  • Ipsos is proud of its diverse and collaborative team and aspire to be the most interesting research company to work for.

The Values That Set Ipsos Apart

Good values underpin great companies and Ipsos take their values very seriously and incorporate them in everything they do.

  • Integrity: Ipsos is always seeking to deliver studies on time, on budget and to a high standard, addressing client needs and adhering to the MRS code of conduct, ISO and GDPR requirements.
  • Curiosity: Ipsos is always seeking ways to do things better, more innovatively and with more agility.
  • Collaboration: Across the organisation – both in the UK and around the globe – Ipsos work to bring the best of to their proposals, pitches and delivery and to be more than the sum of its parts.
  • Client-First: Building strong relationships with their clients, Ipsos genuinely understand its businesses, in order to help them make better business decisions and achieve impact.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Creative thinking, combined with commercial acumen and flexibility.

Could This Be For You?

You can work part-time hours, weekends or evenings as a Market Research interviewer, and carry out interviews which help to shape social, political, media and the tech landscape.

How Do I Apply For a Job With Ipsos?

Apply here for a fully flexible role with Ipsos and learn about how they can offer true career flexibility for the right candidates.