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How NatWest is Excelling in Employee Development for Older Workers

NatWest Group continues to tackle ageism within the workplace through its innovative employee networks and exciting learning opportunities.

Change is easy to talk about, yet can be challenging to action, particularly for large global organisations. A leading innovator in the banking industry, NatWest Group is at the forefront of recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers. One study from the Office of National Statistics shows that people aged over 65 will account for more than half of all employment growth in the next decade, which makes finding tangible solutions to retrain older workers and help them stay in a job they love vital for future business success.

So, if you're looking for new opportunities in banking, a career with NatWest could be the perfect opportunity, and, as an older worker, you can be sure that you'll be warmly welcomed.

Leading With Workplace Learning

Multigenerational mentoring is proven to be highly effective in increasing employee retention and career development. And, as workforces become more age-diverse, opportunities to upskill and reskill employees can help play to people’s different strengths and harness skills that have been honed through decades of experience.

That’s where Aspire – a NatWest employee-led network, providing personal and professional development opportunities comes in. ”Learning has always been part of the bank’s culture and even more so in recent years, with our ambition to become a leading learning organisation,” say NatWest.

NatWest Groups’ Aspire programme creates and develops connections and growth opportunities across all employees, regardless of role or seniority. Originally a programme for early career bankers, Aspire was relaunched in 2017 with broader inclusion goals. Today, it enables networking interactions between professionals of all ages, across banking divisions. This fosters relationship-building and mentorship beyond day-to-day collaborations.

Aspire also provides skill-building platforms, from guest talks to workshops and masterclasses. Colleagues can build on existing competencies and develop new skillsets. Highlights so far have included a series of bitesize video podcasts to help members learn in a digital, on-demand way, as well as the launch of a blog called 'A Day in the Life', which showcases jobs available across the bank to help encourage internal mobility.

By enabling networking and nurturing talent development, Aspire’s goal is to support long-term career growth. Connecting seasoned professionals and emerging talent in this way creates previously impossible exchanges of insights and elevates capabilities bank-wide.

A Graduate Programme with a Difference

At NatWest Group, you’re never too old to apply for its graduate programme. This empowers people from different generations to switch up their careers in new and unexpected ways.

While many older workers feel that they are not offered sufficient training to keep pace with changing technology, NatWest Groups’ learning opportunities are available to build business knowledge and personal effectiveness skills, and vital future skills too – something which all joiners to the programme have found particularly useful.

Transferable Skills Are Valued at NatWest Group

If you’re concerned that you don’t have the right educational foundation, the proper training, or the right skills to succeed in a new career in banking, all is not lost. NatWest Group recognises and values transferable skills like communication, team management and creative thinking. From Customer Service Analysts in Anti-Money Laundering, Business Analysts, Sales Managers, Personal Bankers and everything in between, opportunities at NatWest Group allow employees to take their existing skillsets and use them to do something completely different.

NatWest Group: Celebrating Diversity

Recognising the benefits of an intergenerational workforce, NatWest Group prides itself on being a highly diverse employer, with a DEI team of Inclusion Champions of employees from all business areas. Inclusion Champions take action to create a workplace where colleagues and customers feel they’re treated fairly, and with respect.

It's not just age diversity that NatWest Group champion – from gender and sexual orientation, to disability inclusion, everyone at the Group feels a sense of belonging, has a voice and is valued for their individual skills and abilities. The Enable Disability Network was set up in 2013 to give employees with disabilities, impairments and chronic conditions the chance to guide the Group’s policies and procedures, ensuring they’re as inclusive as possible. “What’s important for disability in the workplace is that people who have an impairment or disabilities are supported and are not excluded from any events or activities,” says deputy co-chair of Enable Disability, Robert Oldham.

Benefits That Surpass A Good Salary

Alongside its impressive diversity and learning programmes, NatWest Group offers a whole host of flexible benefits designed to fit around its employee’s lifestyles. These include flexible working options, an impressive Retirements Savings Plan, the opportunity to purchase NatWest Group shares and more.

If you’re ready for a new challenge and are keen to explore NatWest Group’s latest age-inclusive opportunities, take a look at their current vacancies today.