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5 Top Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Burglary

Here's an expert guide on how to keep your home safe from burglary

Let’s start this article with some good news. According to a Statista[1] report, Burglaries in England and Wales are at an all time low. In 2020 – 21 there were over 267,000 burglaries, a not insignificant amount but, compare that to 383,693 from the same time last year, (down 116,000) and down a massive 70% down from 890,099 in 2002/03. We are most definitely on the right track.

So that’s the good news, but that still leaves 267,000 burglaries too many.

As an insurance adviser we wouldn’t be doing out jobs properly if we didn’t ask you to take a look at your insurance policy to make sure it is up to date and check you are adequately covered but also, and this is something that might not have occurred to you, we’re going to ask you to check your single article limit. Do you know what it is? Do you know what limit your insurers have put on the cost that you can claim for one single item, not listed individually, on your policy? Purchases are getting bigger these days, during lockdown people invested heavily in expensive equipment for their home including Peloton bikes and losing one of those could take you way over your single limit item. Dig out your policy and have a look. If you are over the limit your insurer could decline the claim as the item was over the single article limit or they could limit the payment up to the single article limit, depending on the policy.

Partners& 5 Top Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Thieves

Tip # 1: Close and Lock all Windows and Doors

Burglars are often just opportunistic thieves who will try their luck when they see a door or window that has been left open, unlocked or that looks easy to force. Add to that, if they can see high ticket items through the windows of your home, then this makes them even more keen. If they can see your Christmas tree through the window, knee deep in presents, and they think they can get away with it, chances are, they’ll have a go. Don’t make it easy for them. Secure your home as well as you can, keep windows and doors closed and locked, keep presents and high price items away from windows and hope they move on to another less well protected house.

Tip #2: Invest in a Security System

If you have the budget, have a professional security system installed and make sure you turn it on whenever you go out. We can advise you on the type of system you should be looking at.

Tip #3: Be Cautious with Smart Devices

Don’t give cyber thieves an easy ride either. Make sure you have changed the password on all your Smart home devices and on your router. Update your router with patches and use separate networks for work, the kids and Smart devices. Disable Universal Plug ‘n’ Play on all devices.

Tip #4: Watch What You Post on Social Media

Don’t post what gifts you are buying on social media or tag yourself on holiday or at an event until after you get home. No point in letting people know your home is unoccupied and full of expensive items of jewellery or technology.

Tip #5: Dispose of Packaging with Care

Be discreet when disposing of packaging for expensive items. If necessary, take them to the recycling centre. Burglars are known to go through bins and recycling boxes for evidence of high-ticket items eg: new phones

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