5 Important Things You Need To Consider When Appointing a Divorce Lawyer

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With a lot to work through, divorce can present a challenging, draining and overwhelming time for many. It pays to have the best support around you, including the right divorce lawyer.


When beginning divorce proceedings, here’s what you should take into account, particularly when separating or divorcing in later life, as you will likely have accumulated more assets and have a higher-valued pension pot.

  1. You need to have trust and confidence that your divorce lawyer will work tirelessly to secure you the best possible outcome when faced with a breakdown of your marriage.
  2. You need a lawyer who will listen to what you want from a settlement, and to advise you on the appropriate legal strategy to suit your circumstances.
  3. You should secure a lawyer who will put your case forward professionally but firecely and not be afraid to fight your corner.
  4. Appoint a forward thinking divorce/family lawyer who solves problems creatively and uses their expertise to provide you with commercially driven advice to help protect your interests.
  5. Obtain advice from a family lawyer who has immediate access to the best experts.  This is imperative, especially if you are a business owner, an owner of a property portfolio or if you have a valuable pension, as these assets may be subject to a valuation/pension report before financial settlement negotiations can commence.

All of these things can help you achieve the fair and reasonable divorce and financial settlement you deserve and are key to producing the relationship you want and need with your divorce lawyer during what is a highly personal and emotional process.

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