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Shortlist for Unretirement Entrepreneur of the Year, Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have an age limit, as evidenced by the brand new Unretirement Entrepreneur of the Year Award being presented at the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards this November. This inaugural award from 55/Redefined and Specsavers will celebrate business founders aged 50+ who have successfully launched companies after their retirement.

The Awards

55/Redefined is thrilled to partner with Specsavers to sponsor the Unretirement Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards on November 20th. This prestigious award, jointly presented by 55/Redefined and Specsavers, will recognize founders over the age of 50 who have successfully launched businesses after retirement.

The award underscores that with passion and perseverance, inspiring new ventures can be started at any age. In fact, research shows older entrepreneurs in their late 40s and beyond are more likely to create successful startups than younger ones. They possess valuable professional experience and life lessons that aid practical skills like decision-making, problem-solving and managing staff. That’s why a great idea is a great idea – at any age.



The 55/Redefined group of companies are on a quest to become the most trusted global platform for over-50s and those looking to engage with them. This mission drives founder and CEO Lyndsey Simpson to continually find new ways to support the over-50s in the workplace and as pioneering entrepreneurs. "55/Redefined was delighted to create this award in partnership with the GBEA and bring the first Unretirement Award into existence", said Lyndsey.


Testament to successful entrepreneurship in midlife is Specsavers co-founder, Dame Mary Perkins, who set up the company in her forties, over forty years ago. Today, Specsavers has optometry, audiology and other healthcare stores in 11 countries and employs more than 38,000 people who work across more than 2,000 businesses, support offices and throughout the supply chain.

"We created this award to spotlight the drive and creativity 50+ founders contribute to the world. It’s never been a more exciting time to make things happen." Lyndsey Simpson, Founder and CEO, 55/Redefined