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Are You a Retired Accountant or Tax Advisor? If so, Azets Want to Hear from You

Top 10 accountancy and professional advisory firm Azets, sees huge value in experience as it looks to encourage early retirees back to the workplace.

Azets, one of Europe’s largest regional accountancy firms and business advisor to SMEs, with c120,000 clients, is launching a new recruitment initiative to proactively attract retired professionals, adding experience and value to the business.

The multi-award winning firm, which this year will hire 200 graduates and a further 650 new roles over the next 12 months, is investing not only in the next generation of talent but also is looking to bring back experienced and retired professionals back into flexible, full- or part-time work.

Azets believes early retirees can boost its ambitious growth plans by adding a wealth of experience, leadership qualities and knowledge either into permanent roles where someone is keen to return to the workplace fully, or on a flexible non-permanent basis, whereby retirees can work for c.3 months a year supporting peak periods such as tax year end and holiday periods.

This is part of a national recruitment drive which includes a multimillion-pound investment in a fully digitised, mobile-enabled hybrid working environment. This enables staff more choice and the flexibility and encouragement to ‘work from anywhere’ (WFA) as they are fully provided with the infrastructure and systems to support the workplace transformation. Retirees who come back into the profession for short periods of time will be provided with refresher training and industry updates to bring them back up to speed with changes in the sector.

The Recruitment Team at Azets, say:

“While it’s common for top firms to focus only on hiring and developing young, ambitious trainees, there is a vast, untapped talent pool of smart early retirees who often aren’t ready to retire or discover they miss work shortly after taking early retirement. Typically, early retirees are strong leaders, trustworthy, and have good management skills, and we see a huge value in this population.

“Azets proactively focusing on early retirees is testament to our commitment to developing people in all age groups, right across the business. With our continued investment in graduates and school leavers, there is also an opportunity for reverse mentoring, enabling the exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding between our youngest and most senior advisors.

“We want to hear from early retirees from across the UK who want the choice to work flexibly in a way that suits their lifestyle. By investing in a hybrid working model, we have removed geographic bias and adopted a more agile approach.”

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