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Shaking up the Industry: How The Workshop is Breaking Barriers in Tech

The Workshop – the inventors of play – is embracing age diversity – blazing a trail for tech companies by working with 55/Redefined to pursue age-inclusive accreditation and promote inclusive hiring practices.

James Marsh
James Marsh
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In the eight short years since The Workshop was founded, it’s made big waves in the tech sector; not just through the development of quality casino games, fintech and enterprise software solutions, but also through its unique workplace culture. At The Workshop, inclusivity, development and collaboration aren’t just words; they’re how the organisation defines itself.

For those who know the company, it’s no surprise that The Workshop is the first tech company to be Age-Inclusive Accredited by 55/Redefined.

Tech & Age Diversity: Why The Workshop is Different

Tech is a growing, vibrant sector with huge forward momentum, and it’s making a real difference in the world. But it’s also a sector with something of a blind spot when it comes to age diversity – in software and gaming, less than 4% of employees are over 55. An employee’s chance of getting promoted after the age of 36 decreases by 5% each year. However, The Workshop is breaking boundaries by making diversity an ongoing priority.

As Chief Technical Officer James McLeod says, “Age isn't a barrier, but a benefit. We believe diversity makes a difference. Over-50s employees bring extensive life and professional experience. This benefits the company by increasing the collective wisdom of our organisation.”

James continues, “Society needs to make more of an effort to promote age-diverse workplaces. A variety of opinions, perspectives and experiences makes the difference between a good organisation and a great one.”

And with over 900 employees based across the UK, Spain and New Zealand, The Workshop is walking the walk.

“Being an Age-Inclusive Accredited employer underscores the Workshop’s commitment to ensuring bias elimination and inclusive recruitment processes for over-50s talent,” explains James.

The Workshop is proud to be one of the few tech companies committed to being an age-inclusive employer.

Supporting Colleagues to Make the Most of Their Careers

One of the ways The Workshop helps employees achieve their professional goals is through their bespoke Talent Competency Framework, a career development model based on the understanding that there’s more than one path to progression. The traditional “career ladder” model doesn’t always highlight the many potential pathways for progression – which is something that’s especially true for over-50s – and The Workshop understands this. With the Talent Competency Framework, employees can make lateral as well as vertical moves, in addition to progressing through both management and specialist pathways.

Rachel Kenney, Senior Project Manager says of her experience: “The Talent Competency Framework provided me and my manager with objective evidence of the skills and competencies I demonstrate on the job. This bought a lot of clarity and made me feel confident about progressing in my career.”

“We want every employee to become the CEO of their career,” says James. It’s why employees have a learning budget as well as training and mentorship opportunities. Plus, as a truly multinational company, The Workshop will put employees through foreign language courses for personal and professional growth.

In short: this company is dedicated to helping its people grow and explore their potential. A hybrid working model also supports in-office connection, collaboration and innovation while allowing personal flexibility.

A Wide Array of Activities, Perks & Benefits

It’s not all work! With The Workshop, there are also plenty of opportunities for fun and networking – from Thirsty Thursday after-work drinks to the legendary week-long engagement event featuring keynote speakers, a hackathon and more. The Workshop’s Instagram feed and LinkedIn profile detail some of the company’s most popular events and selling points. In one recent excursion, members of the Málaga-based team escaped the city to get their hands dirty planting trees in the Centro Ambiental de Málaga as part of a nature restoration project. Check out their social feeds for more #LifeAtTheWorkshop!

In addition to a full calendar of engagement and learning activities, The Workshop also boasts a comprehensive benefits programme, with sabbatical options, as well as a “work from anywhere” programme that can be used for four weeks a year. From private health insurance to wellness support, The Workshop’s employee experience is hard to beat.

Opportunities for Over-50s

Though The Workshop is a tech company, there are also other opportunities related to operations, product management, HR management, account management and more. With offices in Auckland, Málaga, Madrid, London and Reading, the company continues to collaborate with 55/Redefined to promote positivity and achieve their goal of an age-diverse workforce.

“We’re eager to see how our work with 55/Redefined evolves. Our forte lies in the diversity of our skills – and that comes from the diversity of our people,” says James. “For everyone at The Workshop, it’s not about how it starts. It’s not about how it ends. It’s about how it progresses. After all, we work better when we work together!”

How Can I Browse The Roles Available at The Workshop?

Head over to Jobs/Redefined to browse The Workshop's available career opportunities.

Partnering with 55/Redefined represents a major step towards The Workshop’s goal of building an age-diverse workforce and, as our partnership develops, we look forward to moving ahead fearlessly to lead the way in promoting inclusivity and championing diversity in all its forms.

Can 55/Redefined Help Me Apply For a Job?

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