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So, you’re not sure if retirement is for you... and that’s ok! Success, happiness and possibility have no age limit. No, retirement doesn’t have to mean you’re slowing down for the quiet life. Yes, there might be less “work”, however, this is to make way for more adventure. Here, we’ve curated a selection of tools to help inspire you to be the architect of your life and discover what's best for you.

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Let Others Inspire You

We are big believers that you should be able to design a life you love and not stick to a linear path, especially when it comes to ageing and retirement. New career in your 50s? Why the hell not! Working three months a year and chasing ski seasons around the world? Absolutely. Find the love of your life in 60s? Go for it. Out every weekend? That's more like it. The Redefiners – aseries of stories and tales from over-50s – inspire you.

Gail McNeill

Dave Woods

Gavin Isle

Lucy Flower

Ask The Pros

Often, one of the biggest challenges in your career is working out what to do next! Perhaps you have got a little bored in your current role or have spent years working in an office and would now like a role in the great outdoors. Maybe it’s not even a new job that you are looking for, but personal development to learn new skills or to give back by taking on a voluntary role alongside your day job? Step right this way.

Brave Starts

Avril Millar

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At Life/Redefined, we strongly believe in lifelong learning and all the benefits that come with it. Many over-50s are not offered learning and development opportunities and on a societal level, we currently operate on an outdated approach that sees life in three stages – education, career and retirement. Life, however, is not a linear journey. To support you to unleash possibility, we provide tools for on-going personal development so you can continue to stay engaged, happy and healthy. It's time to redefine your purpose and passion today.

The benefits of lifelong learning reach far beyond building skills, knowledge and capability in a work setting, our courses also help to boost self-esteem, a sense of value and support people to reach their goals.





Connect & Give Back

Whether it’s volunteering, mentoring or lending your time to a worthy cause, connecting and giving back can be an incredibly rewarding way to spend your time. It’s an opportunity to use your skills and experience to support a cause or organisation you care about.



Charity Work