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100-Year-Old Iris Apfel x H&M is Coming This Week – Here’s a Look at the Collection

Iris Apfel, the 100-year-old reigning queen of personal style, is launching a collaboration with H&M. Here's everything you need to know and a sneak peek at the collection.

Talk about redefining style as you age. Hello, Iris Apfel! At 100 years old she's getting around like some kind of rockstar. And if you’ve ever wanted to dress like Iris, you’re in for a treat. Her collaboration with high street brand, H&M, drops this week. More details below.

H&M's website page on the collaboration reads: "Iris Apfel, the reigning queen of personal style, is instantly recognisable and infinitely inspirational. Her famously eccentric outfits have fascinated and inspired generations of fashion enthusiasts around the world for decades. Known in some circles as the “First Lady of Fabric”, she has made pattern clashing into an art, combined every colour under the sun, and mastered the more-is-more aesthetic. She is a true, fearless style icon, and the Iris Apfel x H&M collection gives us a peek into her refreshingly bold and uncompromisingly unique universe."

“I think style is in your DNA; I don’t think you can learn it.” - Iris

The collection features her eclectic style and is complete with dresses, tulle jackets, embellished shoes and bold jewellery. Iris sure does love her prints, so you can expect this collaboration to be a bold and interesting collection.

"With this collaboration, we are celebrating a unique and extraordinary woman and her creative and audacious style," said Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative adviser at H&M.

"Iris epitomises personal style. A style that is both beautifully flamboyant and eclectic as well as being totally ageless. She shows what fashion is all about - a means to express yourself, who you are or want to be and having fun at the same time - a true inspirer!"

"She shows that style is ageless and keeps encouraging people to show who they are with fashion — and to have fun at the same time."

Having studied Art History at New York University, Iris went to art school at the University of Wisconsin and later worked for Women’s Wear Daily.

But that's not all, she's also enjoyed a career in interior design, working for the designer Elinor Johnson, as well as a stint as an assistant for the illustrator Robert Goodman.

Iris and her late husband, Carl Apfel, also ran a textile firm Old World Weavers until 1992, when they both retired.

What Can You Expect From Iris Apfel's Collaboration with H&M?

If you're a fan of Iris's you will know, more is always more in her world, and this is very much reflected in the collection.

There’s a jacquard suit with pea-pod embroidery, a statement tulle jacket and a tiered skirt, as well as a selection of bright and bold jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

When is Iris Apfel's Collaboration with H&M Launching?

The collection will arrive online and in stores in the UK on March 31. You can discover the Iris Apfel x H&M collaboration here.

Blouse, £39.99, Shop From March 31st

Shirt, £69.99, Shop From March 31st

Trousers, £69.99, Shop From March 31st

Earrings, £34.99, Shop From March 31st