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An Expert Guide to Investing in Beautiful Jewellery at Auction

Most people are acquainted with the concept of bidding on art or furniture at auction, but have you ever considered bidding on jewellery? Auctions are a fantastic way to uncover something uncommon and special.

If you're considering purchasing jewellery, whether it's an engagement ring or something else, your first inclination is likely to be to go to a jewellery store or a vendor's website.

However, to acquire various forms of jewellery, jewellery auctions have recently grown in popularity. Is this a viable option, and what can you expect to find at jewellery auctions? Is it exclusive for experts, or can anyone come in and have a browse? Let's find out.

What are Jewellery Auctions, Exactly?

Jewellery auctions are, in essence, auctions like any other, except they are only focused on jewellery. This makes them a fantastic location to peruse gorgeous jewellery items on the spur of the moment, as well as a great place to speak with jewellery professionals or discover a good deal on some unusual, high-quality, and vintage jewellery.

Most people's initial concern with both online and conventional jewellery auctions is if there are adequate quality checks in place to ensure that you're getting decent products rather than being duped into buying sub-par items.

The simple answer to that concern is that it depends - certain auctions are conducted by respectable organisers and include only reliable and responsible sellers. Other auctions, though, don't put in as much quality control.

So, much like going straight to a jewellery store, you should do your homework beforehand and make sure it's where you want to spend your money. Our experts at Dawsons are always on hand to provide condition reports and explain the differences between the many unique pieces.

What's the Difference Between Conventional Jewellery Auctions and Online Jewellery Auctions?

Even in the year 2021, many individuals still regard online auctions with some scepticism. There are some reasons for this: conventional auctions provide services and conveniences that an online auction does not.

Nonetheless, both forms of auctions are a completely valid method to shop for jewellery, so let's quickly go over the key distinctions between online and conventional on-location auctions, with the proviso that we're only discussing good, well-organised, and respectable auctions.

What are the Benefits of Jewellery auctions?

Now that we've established the distinctions between online and conventional auctions. Let's briefly review the advantages of both forms of auctions over regular retail purchasing.

1. A Wide Variety

Both online and on-site, Jewellery auctions provide an unrivalled selection of styles, sizes, and prices.

Antique emerald and diamond broach and bracelet

2. Rare and Unusual Finds

You may discover several unusual gemstone and material combinations at auction that don't usually make it into the catalogues of most large stores. Jewellery stores can have extensive catalogues as well. Still, they rarely contain the sorts of one-of-a-kind, antique, and even weirdly fascinating jewellery that can be found at auctions.

Antique regal dual rings in gold and silver

3. Great Value

Auctions are highly cost-effective, and if you do your homework, you may get some great discounts at an auction that you wouldn't be able to get from a regular seller. Because the individuals at auctions know how much each item is worth, most things sold at auctions are sold at their market value rather than their retail price. Most jewellery pieces have a market worth of half or even one-third of their market price, so bidding at an auction may save you a lot of money.

Gold based antique jewellery, ring and bracelet

4. Beautiful Pieces in Budget

You can find some real and figurative jewellery at an auction if you do your homework, which you would otherwise have to break your budget to obtain through other methods.

Antique flower and leaf gemstone necklace in reds and blues

Is it a Good Idea to Purchase Jewellery at a Jewellery Auction?

Jewellery auctions, in our opinion, are a fantastic method to find unusual and affordable rings and other jewellery items. Online auctions, in particular, are convenient since they allow you to double-check everything in real-time and conduct as much research as you like while bidding.

How to Begin the Process to Purchasing Jewellery at an Auction

So, if you've decided to attend an online or conventional jewellery auction, here are a few more pointers to consider:

  • Before the event, thoroughly review the online catalogue of the auctions. You'll know what to look for this way.
  • Do your homework – a jewellery auction is not the place to be if you don't know what you’re looking for. However, our experts are always around to give a helping hand.
  • This isn't to say that you need to be an expert yourself. It simply means that if you know the basics of gemstones and jewellery, you'll be able to locate what you're searching for, determining the most significant value.
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Are you interested in attending one of Dawson's jewellery auctions? Why not browse the online catalogue. The Dawsons team will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.