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Better with Age? The Ultimate Guide to Sizzling Sex Over 50  

In an exclusive interview with Life Redefined, Peter and Suzanne from the Sex Advice For Seniors podcast share their insights on how to live your best lives and manifest your fantasies for real. So buckle up for some sage advice and a whole lot of fun!

Ah, love – it's the magical feeling that we all crave at any age. But as we grow older, our love lives may need a little spicing up. Enter Peter and Suzanne, the dynamic duo behind the Sex Advice for Seniors podcast. They've been dishing out pearls of wisdom on how to reignite the flame and explore new horizons in love and sex in mid-life and beyond.

Suzanne isn't just a woman on a mission to redefine sex, she's also a serial entrepreneur, running the Advantages of Age website, which, like 55/Redefined, aims to champion ageing and living a fulfilling, rewarding life. Meanwhile, her partner Peter, is a former Guardian columnist and sex writer. Together, they are vocal in expressing that when it comes to a healthy sex life, age really is just a number.

Communication is key, when it comes to sex

"People in long-term relationships often don't talk about sex properly, and that can lead to problems," says Peter. He advises couples to communicate their desires and what they want from life and relationships in general. Suzanne agrees and adds that it takes effort from both partners to reignite that spark.

For those back on the dating scene, Suzanne suggests going in with an attitude of fun and not investing too much hope. "People go badly wrong because they go back into the dating scene with all that hope, with all of that want that they perhaps had in their twenties," she explains. Peter agrees, adding that not having to do it for procreation is a relief and advises people to live their best lives, for themselves and not chase "the one."

Suzanne Noble, Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast

Peter Marriott, Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast

Peter Marriott, Sex Advice for Seniors Podcast

Don't be Afraid of Sharing Your Fantasies

But what about exploring fantasies and alternative lifestyles? Suzanne and Peter say that we now have the internet at our fingertips, making it easier than ever to discover and manifest our desires. "For people who perhaps have had fantasies or wanted to do things that were outside of the norm, but are legal, there are now opportunities to do that through all of these websites that exist," says Suzanne.

But what’s the key to great sex at 50?

Top 10 Tips for a Fulfilling Sex Life at Any Age:

1. Communicate: Open communication is key to a healthy sex life. Share your desires and what you want from your partner.

2. Reignite the spark: Long-term relationships need a little spark from time to time. Plan date nights or romantic getaways to keep the flame alive.

3. Experiment: Trying new things and exploring your desires with your partner can be an exciting way to keep things fresh.

4. Focus on pleasure: Instead of worrying about performance, focus on pleasure and intimacy with your partner.

5. Take care of yourself: Maintaining good health through exercise and a balanced diet can have a positive impact on your sex life.

6. Use lubrication: As we age, our bodies may produce less natural lubrication. Using a high-quality lubricant can help make sex more comfortable and enjoyable.

7. Don't rush: Take your time and enjoy the moment. Slow and steady can lead to more satisfying experiences.

8. Experiment with toys: Sex toys can be a fun way to explore your sexuality and add some variety to your sex life.

9. Be open-minded: The internet offers a wide range of resources to explore sexual preferences and lifestyles. We should all be open-minded and free to explore our desires.

10. Enjoy the journey: As Peter and Suzanne say, "It's never too late to manifest your fantasies for real." So embrace the journey, have fun, and live your best life.

Want to learn more? The Sex Advice for Seniors podcast is available on all major streaming platforms.