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Denim Direction: New-Season Jeans (Are Skinnies Still In?)

Sadly, summer is just about behind us. As we usher in a new season, it's time to get out your autumnal threads. So, what jeans are you going to be wearing as the weather drops? Here are the must-have styles to try.

It's a new season. It's time for a new mood. As our attention turns to what chunky knits, slouchy boots and cosier clothes, there's one big question on my mind: What jeans are in? And the Million Dollar question, are skinnies still in?

You'll be pleased to hear, the answer is yes. However, there's also a new denim direction on the agenda. Are you ready?

Life has changed somewhat over the last 18 months and so have our mindsets. We are now looking for more individuality with our outfits. We are longing to be much more expressive and fun (after months of comfies at home during lockdowns). We are craving to express our personalities and, yes, ladies we are becoming braver than ever before.

If you feel like you need wardrobe uplift that’s going to work for you, then I promise after reading this you are going to need all four of the these fabulous new season jeans styles.

Here we look at four new jeans styles to try as we head into the cooler months.

1. Le High Straight by Frame

This does exactly what it says on the tin. A super-flattering high-rise that holds you in. It’s your first fit away from those spray on skinnies we are potentially falling out of love with. They feature a cropped hem line which is fabulous with your sneakers. Alternatively, as I have styled here, with a chunky Chelsea style boot. This incidentally is the must-have boot style of the season.

2. High Rise - Crop Flare by Rag & Bone

This super flattering jean was the surprises style out of the looks I chose. I certainly hadn’t tried it before, neither had I seen it on. It holds you in, super sexy on the butt and gives you that slightly relaxed feel in the leg, which graduates very subtly into a wider cut at the finish. I’ll say at this point that it’s the shorter hem lines that are the secret to success here. Also your expert choice of footwear. These chunky-but-sleek D.A.T.E sneakers are just perfect for this cut.

3. Mid Rise - Le Garcon by Frame

A relaxed and super-stylish cut, you will love this look on. These jeans give you a boyfriend feel whilst looking super feminine and oh so comfortable. Perfect for easy days and paired with shirts, tailored jackets as well as cool and cosy knits. This particular finish has a small turn up, which is great up or down, depending on your style and footwear. You have the option here to go up or down in size depending on how relaxed you’d like to go. I went for my true size, as with all Frame styles.

4. Le High Flare by Frame

Yes we’ve all sported this style at some point over the years, but not quite like this! Forget those memories right here, right now. Frame have modelled the top block super-high which honestly gives you the most perfect shape. The leg is super slim to the knee and then skims out over your shoe. Literally makes you feel like a glamazon! They could definitely be taken up and worn with a flat, too, which let’s face it, is probably more the lifestyle we lead. An incredible new-season addition to your wardrobe which will open up a whole new world of 70s looks for you.

So there you have my four new chosen styles to tempt you away from skinnies. I can honestly say that if you are looking to revamp your wardrobe and personal style, you’d do well to buy all of them! Of course that may not be possible so break yourself in one at a time and I promise you will not look back.

Now, as for the ‘Are Skinnies Still In?’ question, have we covered the answer here? I hope we have. Skinnies are IN your wardrobe, perhaps they’ll stay for a while but one thing I guarantee, once you get going with a new exciting style you’ll be wearing skinnies less and less.

As I mentioned earlier, my KEY TIP with new denim styling, is that the secret is in your FOOTWEAR. I carefully selected these new styles to complement the looks so sorry you maybe in for a total shoe AND denim overhaul.

I look forward to hearing which styles have taken your fashion fancy.

All styles featured here, including footwear, are new season and available at the The Dressing Room.

Written by Karen Jennings. Follow Karen on Instagram here, @stylingout50

After graduating in visual merchandising, Karen Jennings spent several years working for Harrods and Jaegar London. She then found herself at the epicentre of the 90s denim explosion with Levis Strauss UK, based in her hometown, St.Albans. With fashion her true passion, she describes herself as a serial accessoriser and now runs Stylingout50 as well working as a freelance stylist at the award-winning St. Albans boutique, The Dressing Room. “I believe in truly owning your style, cherishing the day and making the best of every outfit opportunity life brings your way.”