National Singles Day
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Singles Day UK: A Guide to Celebrating Being Single

A day to celebrate being unattached and to look at all the options available if you're thinking of finding love!

Lorraine Adams
Lorraine Adams
Dating expert and founder of Gorgeous Networks Ltd.

Singles Day is celebrated on November 11th. It began as a Chinese commercial holiday to help single people show their pride in being solo. There, it's seen as a day to splurge on yourself and show love for yourself – at least for this one day!

The number is significant: 1/11 looks like a group of sticks. (The number '1' resembles a bare stick, which in China represents an unmarried man who does not add ‘branches’ to the family tree). Singles Day has gone on to become the most lucrative online shopping holiday in the world, with sales surpassing even Black Friday!

For those who are going to make the most of National Singles Day – but who are also ultimately seeking to embark on a journey to find love – The Dating Directory has put together some great options and offers for over-50s to explore.

For Those Looking to Invest in a Personal Matchmaking Service

1. Mutual Attraction Matchmaking – Offering a 10% discount to all new clients who join in November
Mutual Attraction is one of the most established matchmaking brands in London. Personal attention and discretion are paramount, and their success relies on understanding their client’s needs and knowing the right people to introduce them to. With a private client list of exceptional people and years of experience building a Little Black Book of all the right people, combined with their matchmaking expertise, helps them to find life partners for their clients.

2. YL Introductions – Offering a 10% discount to all new clients who join in November
The founder of YL Introductions is the vibrant and warm Yvette, who instantly puts you at ease with her Irish wit and charm. She organises wonderful, glamorous events for those clients who are seeking outgoing types of people. Her matchmaking skills are evident by the number of couples she brings together. YL Introductions launched in Yorkshire and Cheshire a few years ago but she has also expended her services to London.

3. Select Connections – Offering a 10% discount to all new clients who join in November
The mission at Select Connections, the most celebrated matchmaking agency for those living in the South, is to empower those people in mid to later life to overcome the challenges and stigma of dating over 50 and beyond. They help clients to find the love and companionship they desire by offering a unique, all-inclusive, whole-person, fully supportive and discreet service for dating and relationships in the third age.

Meeting New People Through Organised Singles Events

1. Date-In-A-Dash
If you're looking for singles meetups in London, Date-In-A-Dash organise a range of events, from meetups to speed-dating right across London and the city for all to enjoy. Events run throughout the year and for all age groups.

The company was set up because they learned that some people find it really difficult to meet new people in the capital. As speed dating hosts, they know first-hand how some singles events are downright peculiar. This was the reason they decided to put a twist on singles social events! They recognised a need for something completely different and fun.

Held in relaxed, handpicked venues across the city, their events won't have you feeling pressured or uncomfortable. They're a great way to meet new people and explore potential romance.

2. Thursday’s singles events
Thursday started as a dating app for people who prefer not to use dating apps. Their customers are only able to access the app on Thursdays! Because they believe (quite rightly) that people don't want to spend all their days scrolling through an app. The most alluring aspect of becoming a member of the Thursday network is to gain access to their regular events. Organised for all age demographics, events can include: Paint and chill, indoor badminton, pizza making events and games nights. These are mostly London-based events.

3. Drobden matchmaking parties and events
Drobden organises amazing global events, (some virtual), but most are well-organised trips for those who are more curious to explore dating options further afield. From visiting a German Castle to a London online video party, the events are always well-populated with interesting international singles and are great fun. Events are organised for all age groups.

4. Catalyst dating events
Catalyst is based in Norfolk and Suffolk and organise special trips to places such as Seething Observatory, for an evening of stargazing, and historical recreations at the Tudor mansion at Kentwell Hall. They also organise amazing group dinners at specially chosen restaurants. Their aim is to bring together people whom they think will get along well. At each event, everybody changes seats between each course. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet as many new people as possible. The events are always hosted, and often relationships have developed from meeting at one of these dinners. Generally, most singles are 50+.

To find out about lots of other events going on up and down the country, plus everything you’ll want to know about dating apps and services, visit The Dating Directory – the first site for singles who want help navigating their dating journey. All age groups and locations are covered.