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The New Dating Trends Worth Taking Note of in 2023 

Navigating the dating scene in our technology-obsessed, instant gratification world is a minefield. Here dating expert, Lorraine Adams, talks through the dating trends worth your time.

Written by Lorraine Adams, matchmaker and romance expert

The dating industry has grown into a multi-billion-pound sector with new dating services and apps popping up every other month. However, it can be a minefield to navigate your way around, especially if you are new to the dating scene.

There are basically two opposite ends of the spectrum: At one end you have dating apps, mostly free or inexpensive to use. At the other end there are personal matchmaking services which can range from £3,000 to £20K for a six-month membership. Up until recently there has not been a lot in-between.

Match Making Services

If you have the funds and you feel a little lost, a personal matchmaker can be an efficient way to enhance your dating journey. Having a wing woman/man in your corner can save you a lot of emotional turmoil and improve your self-esteem. In recent years the matchmaking industry has vastly expanded, there are far more services to choose from and as more singles opt to go with matchmaking services, the pools of people available to date has grown rapidly. When choosing a matchmaker, it is worth considering the one that you have the better rapport with as they all differ. Check out the Gorgeous Networks dating directory and speak to several before deciding.

One of the most successful of the newcomers in the matchmaking sector is YL Introductions, founded by charismatic Irish born Yvette Langton. In the two years since starting in Yorkshire, Yvette has expanded her services to the Midlands and London. Yvette personally coaches her clients and works hard to find eligible candidates. She also organises lots of great events. Her fees are circa £3,000. Once signed up to Yvette’s agency, you will have her on speed dial, she is a very enthusiastic and empathetic hands-on matchmaker.

Dating Apps and Date Coaching

Dating apps tend to be where most singles start to dip their toe into the water. However, be prepared, make sure you are armed with the knowledge you need to steer your way through. It is worth investing in a date coaching session with someone established, such as James Preece, before embarking on your dating journey. James will help you prepare mentally so that you go into it with the right attitude and mindset. He will also help guide you to the types of services and apps that could be the best fit personally for your particular situation. James creates regular dating podcasts and is the author of several best-selling dating self-help books. An affordable date-coaching session will be money well spent.

Be prepared to have to manoeuvre yourself through scammers, and insincere people, especially with the more established dating apps. Whilst there are lots of genuine people using dating apps, it sometimes feels a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Some of the newer dating apps, such as Genie Connections, will offer you a far more genuine, enjoyable and less stressful dating experience. Each new user gets some free credits each month to start you off and gives you the opportunity to explore the apps rich features. One of Genie’s most innovative aspects is their close proximity feature for those IRL potential connections.

We have all had those magical often missed moments when we make eye contact, in the supermarket, on the tube, in the gym. With Genie if both people have the app downloaded, it does not even have to be switched on at the time, they will be able to find other singles that have passed them by on their app radar history and have the ability to make contact. You need never miss a real live opportunity again.

Genie have also implemented the most up to date security features to eradicate fake profiles being uploaded. The app also has a regular swiping model like the more traditional dating apps.

For fitness enthusiasts. The soon-to-be launched FitFCK dating app will connect you to like-minded people via the app and also at their legendary events.

Making new friends is always a good step in the right direction to seeking new romance opportunities. A new app called Djungo does exactly this. The apps aim is to connect people together with shared interests and values for friendship and romance.

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Singles Nights or Clubs

For those singles who are not ready to commit to expensive matchmaking services, but who would rather give dating apps a wide birth, I recently launched a new middle ground service – Club Gorgeous. As the founder of Gorgeous Networks, we have been brining couples together for 23 years now, after launching the speed dating concept back in 2000.

Club Gorgeous was created to sit in between dating apps and personal matchmaking. Fees are around £500 for a six-month membership. So, whilst still a substantial layout, it is still significantly less expensive than matchmaking. Everyone is vetted prior to joining Club Gorgeous. New joiners are required to partake in a 30-minute video verification video chat to ensure they are who they say they are but also confirm sincerity in that they are seeking a long-term relationship.

The service is aimed at busy professionals from mid 30s through to early 70s, predominantly in London and the Home Counties but quickly expanding throughout the UK. Members have their profile written for them to ensure they are showcasing the very best version of themselves. Whilst the Club Gorgeous service does not expand to having matches identified as a matchmaking service would do, it gives access to the club’s network. Members can select up to four people per month to meet. Subject to mutual agreement to meet, Club Gorgeous will make the introductions and organise the dates. This helps singles avoid the tedious never-ending chat and gets you straight to the date.

For singles who gravitate more towards events, there is a new Singles Supper Club, Gooce, that organise great events for different age groups. Each event has an even gender split and hosts around 20 to 40 people. Predominantly in London, Gooce are hoping to expand their events nationwide.