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Top 10 Beauty Trends, Products and Tips for 2022

So, what does the world of beauty hold for those over 55 in 2022? Let’s take a moment to familiarise ourselves with the top ten beauty trends coming our way this year.

Trends are on the move and nowhere are they more active than the world of beauty. You may swoon over a serum, you may crave that crème but the beauty industry has new, exciting and innovative trends just waiting to be discovered in 2022!

So, what does it hold for us midlife beauties? Let’s take a moment to familiarise ourselves with the top ten beauty trends coming our way this year.

1. Rethinking the Way We Use Retinol

Yes, we know all about retinol don’t we.

It’s one of the absolute must-haves in our beauty arsenal as it is proven to reverse sun and pollution damage on skin. So, what’s new? Well, Retinol is always something that’s used at night, it breaks down in the presence of light (is it me or is this sounding a bit like a vampire story?). It also makes it easier for skin to get sunburnt (not the look we’re going for), which is why it is only part of the night-time routine. However, the benefits are huge so if we can get one that works during the day too that’s double bubble. Drunk Elephant’s A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream is a step in the right direction. It has just 1% retinol in it (your night version should have at least 10%) but that’s 1% more than we had before and it’s just the start – this trend will run, but ALWAYS use a sunscreen on top (remember that “more likely to burn” bit?).

2. We Say Bye-Bye to Sheet Masks

While I love them, in the name of planet-saving actions they are on their way out. Single-use products are perceived as unhelpful so it’s back to pots of mask, a brush and the whole washing off malarky again.

3. It’s All About Simplified Routines

Dr Vicky Dondos of Medicetics sees a lot of skin – she’s a renowned specialist in anti-ageing medicine and skincare. When she looks at your skin, one of the first things she does is strip back your products to the basics. This helps your skin settle, balance and allows her to assess what you need. Almost all of us just crack on with the same skincare routine every day when, actually, we should look at what our skin is saying and give it what it needs. And only what it needs, not just keep layering the stuff on just because we have it on the bathroom shelf. It’s time to move away from the nine-step routines of the Far East, go back to a simple routine and see what else your skin is saying. Of course, ALWAYS include topical Vitamin C first thing, topped with sunscreen and Vit A (retinol) at night. At our age, these are essential.

4. Hello, High-Tech Beauty

Frankly, I’ve got the lot. LED face mask, microcurrent face massager, every blow dry tool known to mankind and a Philips Lumea IPL machine. Of course, they work better if you use them more regularly than I do but there’s no question that these will continue to rise in popularity because they both work and are more sustainable than single-use products. We’ve reached an age where the lovely facialist massaging us with fragrant oils sadly isn’t going to be enough for us to get the results we now want. I’ll do a whole piece on this soon.

5. Time to Try Fermented Ingredients

There’s a 500% rise in searches for fermented ingredients in skincare but I’m not so sure, I’ve only just got used to them in the diet. When skin is red, uneven in colour or sensitive it is because it is inflamed and much like your guts, skin has a microbiome that needs care. The theory is that topically applied, fermented products can soothe inflammation and if it works for you, great. Please don’t apply your jar of Kimchi to your face, though, these are specialist products.

6. Internet Shopping is Only Getting Better

Brands are desperate to find a way for you to have that in-store experience over the web as 50% of all shoppers like to get their hands-on beauty products before they buy, but how? There are some incredible initiatives on their way from department stores posting out free samples and also apps that will match your skin tone or diagnose your problem. If you like internet shopping watch out for the big beauty brands developing their online offering even further, it’s what I’m doing with my brand.

7. The Blurring of Beauty, Health and Wellness

Beauty, health, wellness and dental care (get yourself a whitening appointment with your dentist, it’s one of the fastest ways to anti-age your looks, men too) are all blurring into one. Beauty is no longer just the face and nails, but that “glow” from having health which brings us back to the Kimchi. The lowering of inflammation in your body and skin, giving all over “glow” is a thing for 2022, so healthy diet, sleep, sunscreen and not quite a Simon Cowell smile are all on trend. In short, it’s full circle back to personal health.

8. Cosmetics Are Going Full Colour

Colour will be high colour in 2022 to give off “joy and positivity”. Nails will be neon, eyes will be bold and lips will be hot with colour. This is not the year for your nudes, put them away and get ready to be seen!

9. It’s Time to Step Up Blue Light Protection

Obviously, you’ve already got this covered, right? From what I’ve read we don’t know the full story on the impacts of blue light from phones, tablets and computer screens yet but there are already products to guard us. Sunscreens will start labelling up as working against blue light as well as UVA/UVB, while there are glasses and digital facial mists already available – I have one by my desk now (it smells nice but I also do use it!).

10. Word of Mouth Recommendations

Word of mouth has always been the best way to not just sell a product but to find ones that will work for you. This year will be listening to what our friends say even more. I’m all for this but a word of caution. Whenever a beauty journalist tells me a product is amazing it’s because it worked for them. They have different skin, health and beauty challenges to you so you need to find products that work for you. So, look for recommendations from people with similar concerns, goals and around the same age as you. It’s why I created the beauty subscription box, specifically for midlife women, at

Written by Karen Davis, Amazon #1 best selling author and founder of the award-winning beauty box for women over 40.