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Keep Calm, Glamorous and Buy the Dress - Why You Should Dress Up in 2022

I’ve always been a true believer in the mantra "Buy the dress and the occasion will come to you!". Now I’m not sure if I made this up somewhere along the line or if it’s actually a thing? Put it this way, in my world it’s definitely a reality. OK the occasions may not be what you want them to be right now thanks to the pandemic, but boy do we NEED THE DRESSES now more than ever.

So in 2022, it calls for dressing up no matter what's happening around us.

Karen wears: Linn Dress by Flower Euphoria, £280.00, from Stine Goya

The perfect dress can be the hardest thing to find when we have to, but it can be our most valuable possession when we put it on. You can feel like a million dollars in 20 seconds flat! That's right, watch out world!

Now obviously at the moment, our plans seem to be a tad sketchy (slight understatement), and it’s so disappointing, right style setters?! But that doesn’t mean that our dresses have to miss out. They are ready and waiting to shine bright - they’ve got our back’s ladies and nobody can take away that feeling that they offer, no matter if you're staying home or headed to a loved one's place.

I’m not sure about you, but I instantly know if I love a dress or not when I put it on and invariably I’m right. I am going to admit - I have many!!!! Do you? All of my dresses are loved, cherished and hold very special memories. I can honestly tell you where every one of them has taken me too! Is that normal or obsessive? I’m not sure but I love that fact all the same.

As a stylist I love to be able to predict the perfect dress for my clients - even online in a flash - yes, it can happen. Ok not always but boy when it does it’s just magical! Weddings, parties or just because….

Right now lovely making memories is what we need to focus on, and whether we are at home or out and about sticking to our plans, WE WILL BE FABULOUS in 2022… come hell or high hemlines.

So, pick your dress of choice ladies. Here are a few of my top current picks which may take your fancy.

Dresses from left to right:

Dress 1. A-line Sequinned Dress, £34.99, from H&M

Dress 2. Wide-Sleeved Dress, £17.99, from H&M

Dress 3. Satin wrap dress, £39.99 from H&M

Written by Karen Jennings. Follow Karen on Instagram here, @stylingout50

After graduating in visual merchandising, Karen Jennings spent several years working for Harrods and Jaegar London. She then found herself at the epicentre of the 90s denim explosion with Levis Strauss UK, based in her hometown, St.Albans. With fashion her true passion, she describes herself as a serial accessoriser and now runs Stylingout50 as well working as a freelance stylist at the award-winning St. Albans boutique, The Dressing Room. “I believe in truly owning your style, cherishing the day and making the best of every outfit opportunity life brings your way.”