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Staying Stylish Over 50: Why Dressing Up Is Always A Good Idea

Stylist and mature fashion blogger Karen Jennings on why we should wear the dress, no matter what.

As a stylist and mature fashion blogger, I love being asked for fashion advice by women over 50. My main tip for being stylish over 50 is to throw out the rulebook! Fashion doesn’t change just because you are a certain age, and mid-life is the perfect time to discover, or rediscover, your true style and dress exactly how you want to.

I am a true believer in the mantra "Buy the dress and the occasion will come to you!!". Now I’m not sure if I made this up somewhere along the line, or if it’s actually true. Either way, in my world, it’s absolutely a reality.

Many of us, especially after we hit 50, think we don’t have the “right” occasions in our social calendars to wear a beautiful dress. But I think we all deserve to look great and feel special at any time, and at any event.

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Karen wears: The Linn Dress by Flower Euphoria

The Power of the Perfect Dress

The perfect dress can be the hardest thing to find when we have to, but it can also be our most valuable possession when we put it on. In just 20 seconds you can feel like a million dollars.

I don’t know about you, but I instantly know if I love a dress or not when I put it on, and invariably I’m right. I am going to admit –- I have many! But I love and cherish all of my dresses, because they all hold very special memories. I can honestly tell you where every one of them has taken me to.

In my work as a stylist, I love matching my clients with the dress that they will treasure. Whether it’s for a wedding or a party, the moment when you find someone’s perfect dress is just magical.

Making lovely memories is what makes life so special, especially after what we all went through with the pandemic, and as we embrace our ability to be stylish at 50 and beyond. So my message to you is quite simple: say yes to those plans, be fabulous, and wear the dress!

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Written by Karen Jennings. Follow Karen on Instagram here, @stylingout50

After graduating in visual merchandising, Karen Jennings spent several years working for Harrods and Jaegar London. She then found herself at the epicentre of the 90s denim explosion with Levis Strauss UK, based in her hometown, St.Albans. With fashion her true passion, she describes herself as a serial accessoriser and now runs Stylingout50 as well working as a freelance stylist at the award-winning St. Albans boutique, The Dressing Room. “I believe in truly owning your style, cherishing the day and making the best of every outfit opportunity life brings your way.”