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How To Write A Dating Profile When You're Over 50

Here's your step-by-step guide, with some really unique ways to get your profile seen if you're getting back in the dating game in later life

Lorraine Adams
Lorraine Adams
Dating expert and founder of Gorgeous Networks Ltd.

Choose Great Photos For Your Over-50s Dating Profile

Most dating apps require very little information from singles during registration. However, they do encourage users to upload plenty of photos. This can be very daunting, and it is usually difficult to decide which photos are going to be the most successful.

Usually when you scroll through other profiles on dating sites and apps you'll see a cross section of photos that have clearly been filtered to the hilt, alongside selfies that are so unflattering you wonder why they bothered. If you are seriously seeking a long-term partner, a good photo will be the first step to getting your profile noticed.

Many singles go into their dating journey with an unhelpful complacency, believing that they'll attract a more genuine suitor if they post average photos of how they look every day. I’ve heard people say; "This is me, if someone isn't attracted to me for who I am, then they aren't the right person for me." These types of uninspiring photos will usually attract nobody apart from scammers, who usually prey on the profiles that look like they are unlikely to attract very much attention at all, or where people's self-esteem may signal a vulnerable target.

The secret is to post very flattering photos on your profile. Not photos that make you look massively different to the point that your date will walk past you upon meeting IRL, but instead photos that make you look like you have posed at a red-carpet event. If you do not have any really attractive photos, it is best to get some done professionally. One of the best and most affordable dating site photographic companies is Hey Saturday.

Choose fun photos for your over 50s dating profile
The secret is to post very flattering photos for your over 50s dating profile

Your Written Dating Profile

Singles on dating sites can be absolutely brutal when it comes to swiping left on unappealing profiles. It can be the tiniest of observations that will get you dismissed within seconds. Profiles that mention their pets, children, their football team, their job or pastimes too often are usually avoided. It is great to show a passion for something/someone, but you do not have to lament the point that you love your cat! Other aspects to avoid are negative vibes - being a moaning minnie about what you are NOT looking for does not go down well. Equally, don't write a profile where you're massively blowing your own trumpet – nobody likes a show-off! Better to take a more slightly tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating approach than boast about how fantastic you are. Try not to come across as too demanding either, using phrases like "I expect..." or "I will not tolerate..." which are not appealing.

Remember also to avoid mentioning your ex in your profile, and how awful or equally how great they were. Some of the most ridiculous profiles are from very unattractive men who upload photos with their arm around a woman who looks like a super model, who they claim to have been their ex-girlfriend! Avoid those like the plague.

The most successful written profiles on dating apps usually include a little bit of edgy wit. Though don’t make the mistake of telling people how funny you are, usually people that feel the need to broadcast to their audience that everyone says they are really funny, are usually not. Instead poke a little fun at yourself!

Also, it is great to mention one or two of your accomplishments, but play them down rather than drone on about how many 10k’s you run a week or how you love climbing mountains and going deep sea scuba diving, it will make people think they will have to compete with you.

Try not to sound boring or lazy, not completing some of the fields, or writing, “I’ll fill this in later” certainly won’t inspire people to think you are long term relationship material. Also avoid the cliché’s, “I love travel” “I’m just as happy with a glass of wine curled up with Netflix on the sofa as I am going out on the town,” or "I’ve never done anything like this before” – yawn! Coming across as generic is not a good look.

Don't overplay your accomplishments when filling out your over 50s dating profile
Be funny, but honest in your over 50s dating profile for best results.

The Best Dating Sites and Apps to Use For Dating In Your 50s is an independent directory of all the UKs best dating sites, apps, singles events and matchmaking services. There are new services being launched regularly in the dating sector, which is reported to be worth almost £10 billion globally. The best route is to try lots of services simultaneously and to be ready to invest some time and energy. If something is worth doing properly and you want results, you'll need to be ready to put the time and effort into it and be mentally resilient enough for any knock backs along the way.

It's also worth noting that dating apps are notoriously used overwhelmingly by men – most apps have 80% men, to just 20% women. Women are more thoughtful when it comes to reading through profiles, generally right swiping only once every 14 profiles on average. 90% of men on the other hand right swipe on practically every female profile. They only read those that have mutually liked them back!

Generally, people are drawn to confident, but not arrogant profiles. Less is usually more, leave a little intrigue, create the desire in people to want to message you to find out more. Be a little inspirational, but try not to come across as Mother Teresa either!

"People are drawn to confident, but not arrogant profiles. Less is usually more, leave a little intrigue, create the desire in people to want to message you to find out more!"

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