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Actor Brian Cox at the Pinnacle of his Career in His 70s

Succession, the much-lauded hit television series on HBO, has screened its fourth season. While the show has received universal praise, one standout performance is that of Scottish acting legend, Brian Cox.

The much-loved and yet outspoken Scottish actor has come from humble roots to global success. Having promoted Succession’s final season he is charging ahead at full throttle, embracing his seventh decade and showing the world that he's not done yet!

In the series, he plays the bullish patriarch, father and billionaire media baron, Logan Roy. It's a role that has earned Cox a Golden Globe award and two Emmy Award nominations. And it seems like Cox is having a blast in the role of megalomaniac Roy, who will do whatever it takes to stay on top. The on-screen friction between him and his son, Kendall, played by Jeremy Strong, extends out to the real world if the recent interviews on differences in acting methods are anything to go by.

From Shakespeare to Succession

From his early days in theatre as a teenager to his current gig on Succession, Cox has relished every nuance of his craft. Some of Cox’s notable roles prior to Succession include playing King Lear in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production in 2010, portraying the villain William Stryker in the X-Men movies and appearing in the HBO series Deadwood and Boardwalk Empire. He's even lent his voice to a McDonald's advert.

In addition to his acting career, Brian Cox is also a highly respected stage director and has directed productions in London's West End and at the Royal National Theatre.

Redefining Stereotypes

What's most impressive about Cox is his resilience in the face of adversity. Growing up in extreme poverty in Dundee, Scotland, he joined a repertory company at 14, where he sometimes had to sleep under the stairs.

Those hardships fuelled his passion for acting, and he writes about his journey in his 2021 memoir, Putting the Rabbit in the Hat. For Cox, acting isn't just about playing a role. It's about being in touch with yourself and who you are.

Most recently he recorded a Channel 5 documentary on wealth, titled "How the Other Half Live," visiting soup kitchens and homes of the super-rich, where he reflects on his own personal rise from poverty to global fame. It is a driver he says is still with him today.

And the future? "The reality is that I'm surviving," Brian told Channel 5, "and I'm still here after all these years. I still have stuff to do. Logan is just a stop on the journey, not the end of the journey."

Cox's dogged ambition and zest for life is truly inspiring. When asked how he feels about the end of Succession, he offers a candid and funny rebuke. "There's an adage," he says. "When the party's at its best, leave”.

Brian Cox is a true icon of the acting world, and his contributions to film, television, and theatre are nothing short of extraordinary. Succession may be coming to an end, but we have no doubt that Cox will continue to inspire and entertain us for many years to come.

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