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DJ, Producer and Model: Jaymz Nylon, 54: "This is My Space that I Belong"

Model. DJ. Record label owner. At 54 years of age, Jaymz Nylon’s magical record bag knows no boundaries, nor does his achievements as he ages, having just started modelling this past year.

Heralded as the Godfather of Afro Tech, at 54 years of age, Jaymz Nylon is a sought-after DJ, sound designer, producer and creative director of the Nylon Recordings Label Group.

Jaymz Nylon is 54 but that’s irrelevant as he continues to find success and thrive in the music industry - DJ, producer, record label owner… 🔥👏

Posted by Life/Redefined on Tuesday, January 24, 2023

With a music career spanning the last two decades, from Afro House to Deep House, to old-school Classic House, to Nu Jazz – just as Jaymz Nylon’s magical record bag knows no boundaries, nor does his age and what he can continue to achieve having just started modelling this past year.

We sat down to chat with the Redefiner to find out more about what’s he’s been up to. We've also pulled out some of the key takeaways we'll be taking with us.

1. Age is Irrelevant

"I wouldn’t say that I feel like I’ve been aged out of electronic music. I don’t feel a sense of ageism personally, because if I look around to my various peers in the music industry, um, especially with house music, it’s thriving with people of a certain age. There are producers that are older, I’m 54, and there are some that are just barely behind me. So, it’s a special place. Dance music has this thing about it, you know, to me that, I would say that it makes you feel younger than older, you know what I mean? Like, the music, it’s always fresh and there’s always something going on. So you just feel… I never thought about age until you asked me the question about age as far as electronic music is concerned!"

2. It’s Never too Late to Get Into Something New

“[At 53] I did a self-tape and sent it off to the casting directors and I got the job. I am grateful to say that I have been extremely busy doing some fun campaigns and meeting some incredible people.”

3. Celebrate Yourself. Then Learn to Take up Space and Belong in the Places You Want to Be

“The first job I went on, I was the oldest model … but everyone’s older. The guys are like 6’4 and I’m not 6’4, and I’m not sample size. So naturally, being human, there’s gonna be some insecurities going on. And I look around and I was like, they’ve hired a location van, and they’re doing it for me, and they’re paying me to be here, and so that was really comforting that I was meant to be here, that this is my space that I belong. I haven’t once looked back and been hard on myself, I’ve been celebrating myself at this age to be able to do this. You never know what opportunities will be presented to you in your life. Maybe I can keep this going well into my 90s.”

4. You Never Know Where the Day is Going to Take You. Go With It.

"Now that I’ve been modelling for a little over a year, I recently got scouted by a film and commercial agency out in LA, and I act the fool at home because my family we’re all ridiculous, we’re always laughing and having a great time. And we’re extremely expressive people, I thought maybe I should give it a try, and take this show on the road! And no day is complete in my life without creativity. May it be cooking dinner, or I’m out in the garden. The way that I plant things, I plant things the way that they would look good on the plate. So I’m styling it as i’m planting in the garden, so I kind of think like that. So when I’m making a meal, I just kind of going in and see what I have and I kind of, treat it like i’m making a track or music, I just kind of work with things. Everything has to have some kind of creativity. From getting dressed to eating."

To follow along on Jaymz's journey, check out his Instagram page here.

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