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Meet Baz Wright: The King of Social Media Transitions

Baz found an unlikely route to fame through social media. In an exclusive interview with Life Redefined, Baz opens up about his rise to notoriety and the keys to his success.

Baz Wright is one of the best transition content creators on the planet. Known for his ability to seamlessly shift from one scene to the next, Wright has amassed a following across multiple platforms. With thousands of followers on social media, Baz is revelling in his later-life fame, and also doing his bit to make the most of every moment.

From a background in graphic design, Baz has taken the skills he knows to create a compelling and engaging social media presence that features him transitioning from one set of clothes to another (it's more entertaining than it sounds). He's also amassed something of a legion of female fans too, thanks to his luxuriant beard and penchant for kilts. But Baz is a content creator for everyone – he's even recently appeared on Richard Hammond's TV show, Crazy Contraptions.

Wright is also a firm believer in paying it back, using his social media presence to promote a number of charitable causes.

He began his journey to influencer status with a viral Instagram video that garnered over 31 million views.

However, he soon realised that he needed to adapt to keep his audience engaged. "The worst thing you can do is chase the algorithm and try and make stuff purely for likes and that kind of virality," he said.

A New Social Media Strategy

Wright turned to TikTok and Instagram Reels, hoping to reach a new audience. His strategy paid off, as he has successfully built a fanbase across multiple platforms.

"I definitely chased the algorithm and I've definitely sought out validation in different places," he admits. "I started posting my reels onto Facebook at the start of last September and it's gone really well on there.

So yeah, in terms of changing what you do, I think all I've done is I've just changed my audience and found people that hadn't seen what I've done before."

Wright's success is due in part to his ability to create content that is both entertaining and informative.

"I want to make stuff that is valuable, but also something that people want to share or show their friends. There's a real balance there between making stuff that's really, really valuable and really, really interesting, but also something that people are going to share and spread around."

Despite his newfound fame, Wright remains grounded and focused on creating quality content.

"As a content creator, you want the best for what you make and sometimes you put out a video or bit of content and it just flops. I kind of look at it and go, oh, I need to veer away from that."

Thinking of Sharing Your Story or Skills on Social Media? Here are a Few Tips from an Expert:

1. Support your network: Connect with others and use social platforms to support local businesses and friends. Nothing feels better than paying it forward.

2. Don’t sweat it: Baz stresses that as a content creator, you’re “literally at the hands of the algorithm.” If some of your content isn’t instantly popular, keep going.

3. Experiment with different platforms: To find new audiences, don’t limit yourself to one platform - try TikTok, Instagram and Facebook and see what works.

4. Don’t share it all: Baz acknowledges that building a social media presence involves putting yourself out there. You can build community by finding a niche that feels comfortable and keeping your personal and work lives separate.

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