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Linda Perry: The Resilient Musical Trailblazer Who Cries Sometimes

Linda Perry – American singer and band member of 4 non-blondes, songwriter, producer, and force of nature behind some of the most definitive pop songs of the 2000s.

Her impact today is just as prominent as it was in her early years, showcasing an enduring influence that defies the passage of time. As she approaches her sixth decade, it's the perfect moment to honour one of the most resilient and influential figures shaping the music industry.

A Tough Start in Life

Linda Perry had her fair share of challenging chapters, especially at the start of her life. Dealing with serious kidney disease at a young age and battling drug addiction and suicidal tendencies in her teens, she faced obstacles that delayed her music journey.

Her family life was traumatic. However, after relocating from her hometown in Springfield, Massachusetts, Perry turned her life around.

Everything is an Experience; Everything is a Risk. When You Want Things, You’ll Do Whatever You Can to Get There. You’ll Find a Way.”

Perry’s Big Break

Linda wrote her first song at 15, but her breakthrough in the music industry came at 24 when she joined the alternative rock band '4 Non Blondes' in 1989, writing their hit "What’s Up" for the band’s debut album, "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!" This timeless song continues to resonate and is still cherished by audiences today.

Switching From Band Life to Solo Stardom

Whilst the band was successful, Perry wanted to go in a different direction. In the mid-90s, she boldly stepped into a solo career, but soon reinvented herself after realising her extraordinary gift: writing award winning songs not just for herself but for icons like P!NK, giving us number one hits like 'Get the Party Started' and producing P!NK's 'Mizunderstood' album.

She also joined forces with Christina Aguilera for the Grammy-nominated single 'Beautiful' and collaborated with Gwen Stefani on the popular song 'What You Waiting For?' – marking some of the biggest hits of the 2000s and highlighting her versatility across Pop, Rock, Dance, and even Country.

Perry earned a further four Grammy nominations on top, including Best Song Written and Producer of the Year – and was actually the first woman in 15 years to be nominated for this category. Perry discovered strengths beyond her initial singing talent and inspires those thinking about a career shift or exploring new skills later in life.

Life Beyond Music

Linda has accomplished a great deal in her 30 years of crafting and producing music, and although she’s not ready to set aside her guitar just yet, she has juggled a life outside of the music scene.

In 2014, she tied the knot with actress Sara Gilbert, renowned for her role as Darlene Conner in Roseanne. While Sara welcomed their son in 2015 and Linda embraced the role of stepmother to Sara’s other two children, the couple eventually divorced in 2021.

Despite the marital challenges, she values the moments shared with Sara, embodying a realistic perspective that acknowledges life's difficulties.

“I’m still on an incredible journey.”

More recently, she's delved into the world of film and TV, contributing her musical talents alongside Bono for Sean Penn's documentary, ‘Citizen Penn’, and writing the golden globe nominated ‘Girl In The Movies’ for Netflix’ 2018 film ‘Dumplin’ with Dolly Parton.

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Life is a Journey, Not a Race

Despite coming from a broken home, struggling with debilitating health problems, and navigating complicated relationships, Linda still earned her well-deserved place in the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2015, reflecting a lifelong journey of dedication and mastery – three decades and counting to be exact!

This is the dream of every songwriter, and for Linda, it came in her 50s – 26 years into her career. This is proof that success can come at its own pace, and a reminder that life is more of a journey than a race.

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