Snoop Dogg: The Doggfather
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Snoop Dogg: The Doggfather at 52

As Snoop Dogg celebrates his 52nd birthday, the iconic rapper shows no signs of slowing down. From his early days with Dr. Dre as a pioneer of the West Coast rap scene, to becoming a cannabis entrepreneur and media mogul, Snoop has continuously redefined hip-hop culture and expanded his talents into new ventures.

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Snoop first made a name for himself in 1992 when he featured on Dr. Dre's seminal album, “The Chronic.” His smooth flow and drawilng delivery were perfect complements to Dre's G-funk production. Songs like "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang" and "Gin and Juice" became instant hip-hop classics, introducing the world to Snoop's laidback gangsta persona.

Alongside Dre, Snoop helped shape the West Coast rap scene in the 1990s. His 1993 debut album "Doggystyle" debuted at number one on the charts and is considered one of the most influential hip-hop records of all time. With his braided hair and baggy clothes, Snoop embodied the West Coast gangsta image and ushered in a distinctive Californian style that radiated cool. Beyond the music, Snoop became a cultural icon who transcended hip hop through films and TV appearances and is as well known in the UK as he is in his native USA.

Dogg Style Through the Decades

Throughout a musical career spanning nearly 30 years, Snoop has shown an ability to adapt and evolve with the times. After leaving Death Row Records in the late 90s, he explored different sounds on albums like "The Doggfather," (1996) and "Tha Last Meal," (2000). On hits like "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Signs", Snoop merged hip-hop with pop and dancehall vibes, proving his versatility as an artist.

Cannabis Entrepreneur and Media Mogul

Snoop is also known for his entrepreneurial endeavours beyond music. He founded the American football Snoop Youth Football League in 2005, to provide opportunities for inner-city children.

More recently, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Snoop has found immense success in the legal-in-the-US cannabis industry as an investor and entrepreneur. His ‘Leafs by Snoop' line of cannabis products generated over $10 million within its first year in Colorado. Snoop also launched his own cannabis media platform MERRY JANE and Gorilla Glue marijuana strain. Through these ventures, Snoop has become one of the most influential figures in America’s legal weed business.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

A Committed Family Man

In the midst of his busy career, Snoop has remained a devoted family man. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Shante Taylor since 1997. The couple briefly divorced in 2004 but remarried in 2008, renewing their wedding vows. They have four children together. Snoop credits his wife and family for providing him stability amidst the chaos of fame. “My wife keeps me grounded,” he told People magazine. “When you’re hustling and doing a lot of things, it’s easy to let the main thing fall apart...but my wife believed in me.” After nearly 25 years of marriage, Snoop's relationship exemplifies his maturity and growth over the decades. He also still lives in the same house in Diamond Bar, California that he bought in 1994 at the height of his Death Row Records fame. The domestic stability has helped ground Snoop amidst his ever-evolving career.

Twitch Gamer and Musical Maverick

Turning 50 doesn't seem to have slowed Snoop down one bit. He continues to be prolific musically, having released over 15 albums just within the past decade. His latest album, "From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites" links Snoop with hip-hop and R&B stars of today like Drake and Chris Brown. He also explored new territory by releasing a gospel album in 2018, titled "Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love."

Beyond music, Snoop stays busy with numerous projects across different media. He currently hosts popular US game shows like The Joker's Wild and has starred in movies, TV shows and commercials. He even lent his voice to family films like 'Spies in Disguise'. Snoop also sporadically streams himself playing games and commenting live on Twitch and YouTube, tapping into the massive video game culture.

"As you become older, you become more wise and start to understand the bigger picture... You get to know that you don't know everything..."

“I’m so happy to be alive and so profoundly grateful for all the blessings!!!! Happy 57th birthday to me!!!”

Embracing His Role as an Elder Statesman

For Snoop, age is no reason to slow down his hustle. As he told People magazine: "As you become older, you become more wise and start to understand the bigger picture...You get to know that you don't know everything and you become more open to receive information and become a better person."

Snoop claims he now strives to be more of a giver and provider of wisdom. "I've got to give back because I've taken so much," he told GQ magazine. "The more I learn, the more I earn."

Even as he embraces his role as a hip-hop elder statesman, Snoop continues looking forward. He sees opportunities to give back through coaching American football, advising young artists and investing in minority-owned cannabis startups. Far from retiring, Snoop Dogg seems intent on redefining himself yet again through philanthropy and service.

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