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10 Unusual Places To Stay for Your Next Holiday

Looking for unusual places to stay for your next getaway? Somewhere that offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that's quirky and unique? From shepherd’s huts to ice hotels, here are 10 not-to-be- missed places for your travel list.

Holidays are sacred events: a time to relax with loved ones and wind down from the grinding whirr of everyday life. When organising the perfect getaway, one usually plumps for a nice hotel or villa — surrounded by four structurally-sound walls with central heating and perhaps a spot of room service. However, there are so many more exciting options available.

For your next holiday, think outside the box and book yourself into one of these unusual places to stay. From shepherd’s huts to ice hotels, there’s a whole world of quirky places to stay. Here are our top 10 not-to-be-missed places to book for your next quirky travel adventure.

1. Shepherd's Huts

Fancy a blast from the past? Then why not try a shepherd’s hut? All the splendour and seclusion of a traditional shepherd’s abode without the hassle of actually tending to sheep. There are plenty of converted shepherd’s huts sprinkled throughout the UK for you to enjoy at your leisure. It’s like camping but warmer and far more comfortable.

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2. Tree Houses

Get back to your roots and stay in a tree! On first inspection, a tree house may not sound like a particularly glamorous way to spend one’s free time. However, do not be fooled: tree houses come in all shapes and sizes and can be remarkably swanky. Indulge in the luxuries of Bangkok’s Tree House hotel or stay closer to home with the romantic, adults-only Hudnalls Hideout Treehouse. The latter comes with its own private woodland for a truly unforgettable experience.

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3. Lighthouses

An undeniably unusual place to stay is in a converted lighthouse. When once used as a shining beacon to draw sailors back to safety, you can now lounge around inside a converted lighthouse just for kicks. Enjoy beautiful coastal scenery at your doorstep with an eccentric cottage.

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4. Chapels and Churches

If the idea of a graveyard in your back garden fills you with fear and dread, then scroll on. On the other hand, if you find spooky churches and stained-glass windows enticing, then you’re in luck. For a reasonable price, you can stay in a converted church or chapel. This is certainly one of the more unique places to stay, with many churches being decked out with stunning and welcoming decor. Grab some friends and check out the Grade II listed ‘Gothic Church’ — this sleeps an impressive 14 people.

5. Capsule ‘Pod’ Hotels

Pod hotels are attractive on a number of levels: they are cheap and they are futuristic! These types of hotels originate from Japan, and tend to cater to clients' basic sleeping needs. They often have shared facilities and are certainly not an appropriate choice for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia. However, if this is not a phobia that afflicts you, then you may find these pods to be a novel and futuristic experience.

An affordable and unusual place to stay for anyone exploring Asia.

Closer to home, check out the 10 Best Capsule Hotels in England.

6. Earth Homes

Earth homes are reminiscent of the hobbit’s shire in Lord of the Rings. Feel at one with your earthy habitat with a quirky staycation. These homes are cute and, as an added bonus, they are rather eco-friendly! Head over to Wales or Scotland and relax in a cosy cottage covered in wildlife!

7. Wigwams/Tipis

Enjoy a touch of Native American history with a holiday in a glamorous tipi. Very much a glamping experience, we recommended spending a week under the stars on a secluded rural getaway. Wigwams can be found all over the UK, from Cornwall to Yorkshire, so be sure to spend time researching your ideal location.

8. Sweden Ice Hotels

Staying in an ice hotel sounds like a cold and slippery affair. Nonetheless, there is something intriguing and elegant about such an idea. Explore the sophistication and beauty of Sweden’s year-round Ice Hotel. Rest assured, they provide plenty of blankets so that you don’t converge to the temperature of the average frozen pea.

The novelty of such a beautifully cold hotel room can wear off after a chilly and magical evening, so there are plenty of chalets and traditional rooms for you to enjoy for the remainder of the holiday. Definitely an unusual place to stay and one to tick off the bucket list.

9. Alfrescoes

On the theme of nippy and quirky places to stay, there are lots of alfresco possibilities for your consideration. Escape the confines of the bog-standard four-walled room and say hello to the outside world. Experience the Kagga Kamma nature reserve’s open-air suites, where you can drift off to sleep in front of a breathtaking South African landscape. For a more local getaway, head on over to Wales to experience the house equivalent of a convertible car!

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10. Caves

Two million years ago, our ancestors lived in caves. And for a small price, you can experience this exhilaration too! Caves from across the globe have been converted into alluring holiday destinations. A cave hotel has a charming and natural appearance, with the Koza Cave Hotel in Turkey being particularly beautiful.