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The Top 5 Greek Islands To Visit When You Travel to Greece

Are you wanting to travel to Greece but can’t decide which Greek island is best? From Santorini to Corfu, each Greek island has something unique to offer. So check out our guide to the top five best Greek islands for your next vacation.

When you’re sitting at home in your conservatory with rain pouring down on the window panes – as you indulge in a glass of wine and a good book – you may find yourself dreaming of sun-kissed sand and a warm, blue ocean. We are here to tell you to stop dreaming and start booking! And what better place to start than an idyllic holiday on a Greek island?

Whether you’re planning your next summer holiday or looking for an autumnal getaway, Greece effortlessly provides the perfect setting for your well-earned vacation. Greek islands have an abundance of tranquil beaches and graceful villas, so strap in as we count down our top 5 best Greek islands that you need to see.

1. Corfu, Greece

If you want to travel to Greece, Corfu is certainly a Greek island worth considering. This beautiful destination caters to a wide range of your relaxation needs. Whether you’re wanting to wind down on a bewitching beach or wind up in a bustling bar, Corfu has it all.

In particular, we recommend you check out Rovinia beach — a stunningly secluded spot reachable only by boat or hike. Why not hire a boat and explore all the hidden coves the island has to offer?

2. Crete, Greece

If you subscribe to the notion that bigger is better, then Crete is for you. With 650 miles of coastline, you will not be short of sights to see and places to be on this epic island. It is home to the usual selection of lush beaches but has a few other gems that you won’t want to miss. Crete has the oldest city in Europe: Knossos. Exploring the neolithic remains of Knossos makes for a great day out.

If historical architecture isn’t up your street, then Crete also offers fantastic mountain scenery. Take a hike through the humbling Samaria Gorge — a downhill walk with stunning surroundings. Once you complete the trek, you will be met by pick-up trucks that will drive you back to the start point — the wind flying through your hair makes for a truly unique experience! If you want to travel to Greece, then Crete should be on your list.

3. Santorini, Greece

As far as Greek islands go, Santorini is arguably the most picturesque — an impressive feat given the competition. This croissant-shaped island has dazzling and dramatic landscapes, with white-washed buildings strewn across the Santorini cliffsides.

Once you’ve settled in and digested the awe-inspiring scenery, you can take a wander around the island and peruse the vineyards, volcanic beaches and traditional beaches. Santorini is a truly romantic island you must see when you travel to Greece.

4. Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and promises a picturesque and charming getaway. There is plenty that this island has to offer besides the idyllic sandy beaches and warm blue sea that Greece provides in abundance.

Take a day trip to one of the island’s stunning caves — including the roofless cave of Melissani which you can access by boat for a truly memorable experience. Also swing by Fiskardo at the north of the island for a decadent array of inviting tavernas.

5. Naxos, Greece

Naxos is a Greek island with scenery reminiscent of Santorini, with chic white-washed houses decorating the capital. Here, one can explore the remains of temples, lay on sun-kissed beaches, or hike on Mount Zas (a popular choice with birdwatchers!).

Also, enjoy the vibrant nightlife that this Greek island has to offer — from jazz bars to clubs, there’s something for everyone in Naxos.

Quick-fire Greece Travel Facts

Here are some things you should know before you go to Greece: the weather, timezone, currency and food.

Weather in Greece

The best time to travel to Greece is in the summer. The weather in Greece is reliably hot between the months of June and September. During the summer, temperatures can climb to the mid-30s (degrees Celsius) making for an enjoyable stay without being overwhelming.

The weather is cooler throughout the rest of the year. For example, if you are looking for an autumnal getaway, the weather in Greece in October is 22 degrees Celsius on average.

Time in Greece

The time in Greece is 2 hours ahead of British Summer Time (BST) and 3 hours ahead of Global Median Time (GMT).

Greek Currency

The currency in Greece is the Euro.

Greek food

Greece is well-known for its delicious array of food. With moussakas, souvlaki, stuffed peppers, taramasalata and endless other culinary delights, your Greek holiday will provide a cornucopia of pleasures.