Get On Your Bike With 55/Redefined and CHPT3

55/Redefined and David Millar, ex-pro cyclist and founder of sport apparel brand CHPT3, call on all to start cycling as a recent 55/Redefined study found 25 per cent of over-55s who pursue a totally new hobby after turning 55 reap the mental and physical benefits.

Ex-professional cyclist and founder of sportswear brand CHPT3, David Millar, is calling baby boomers to take up cycling, as a recent study we commissioned at 55/Redefined found that one in four people aged 55-75 start a new hobby or passion after turning 55. Although there is a huge growth in those 50-plus discovering the benefits of trying a new sport, there are many more who are yet to try as they are worried about starting something new.

To harness the huge drive among over-55s to stay fit and healthy, Millar and 55/Redefined are actively encouraging more over-55s to take up cycling to unlock the benefits it delivers – including lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

David Millar says: 55/Redefined’s study highlights a go-getting attitude felt among the UK’s baby boomers to try new things and seize opportunities, so now is the perfect time for over-55s to harness the benefits of cycling. He continues:

Every person has three chapters in their life: family, work and play. Too many people have forgotten the playful chapter in their life – their third chapter. Cycling, in all its forms, benefits the body and the mind of men and women of all ages and is particularly beneficial for those over-55 due to it being low impact, but great cardio training, as well as being a highly social and accessible sport for a range of abilities.

55/Redefined’s study found a link between trying something new and overall life satisfaction, with almost two fifths of respondents believing life is better than ever over-55, and over two thirds (76%) feeling younger than their age had all started new activities rather than just continuing their previous interests.

In addition, cycling has boomed as a result of the pandemic, with Government’s recent National Travel Attitudes survey finding that one third (34 per cent) of cyclists cycle more now than before, while data from Cycling Scotland shows a 47 per cent rise in people cycling between March 2020 and March 2023 compared to the previous year.

To encourage more over-55s to pursue a cycling and fitness, 55/Redefined has launched a Strava Community – where members will be able to compete in regular challenges and for launch until end of December they can win prizes from the CHPT3 range of products.

“Think of what we could achieve if more over-55s took up cycling. Our partnership with 55/Redefined aims to get more over-55s into cycling and realise the benefits to their life and health.”

For more information about 55/Redefined and CHPT3’s new Strava Community follow us here or read here how you can get involved.

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