A Look Back at Our Most Popular Travel Features
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Second Birthday Rewind: A Look Back at Our Most Popular Travel Features

Which of our travel destinations got you dreaming of far-flung shores and saw you packing your rucksack? Take a pause in your day, to enjoy our most popular travel features.

As 55/Redefined celebrates its second birthday, we're looking back at the Life/Redefined stories that you’ve loved reading the most. The diversity of our travel stories shows that it's never too late to plan your next adventure. Take a look and see which take your fancy!

2. The Maldives

Who doesn't dream of a desert island escape? Our article on the Maldives busts the myths that it's just a spot for honeymooning couples and actually makes a great break for singles or friends to enjoy too.

3. Amazing Hotels

We highlight the best hotels in the world, with all their jaw-dropping splendour; the perfect inspiration for your next unforgettable break.

Also loved by our readers were our travel articles on Bora Bora, the best Christmas markets and our tour of the Basque Region.

Where's next on your itinerary?