A Look Back at Our Most Popular Redefiners
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Second Birthday Rewind: A Look Back at Our Most Popular Redefiners

Which of our redefiners stories inspired you? Take a look back with us to enjoy our most popular stories.

As 55/Redefined celebrates its second birthday, we thoughtwe’dtake a look back at the Life/Redefined stories that you’ve loved reading the most in the last 24 months. Some of these are relatively recent, while others are enduring classics from the early days: Take a look and see which take your fancy!

1. Baz Wright

King of social media transitions, hipster and all round great guy Baz is who's captured your imagination the most since we shared his story earlier this year.

Also loved by our readers were our profiles of Isabella Rosselini, Jim Carrey and Silver Liberation.

Who has been your favourite redefiner?

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