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Bank of Ireland Pioneers Inclusion in Over 50s Recruitment Drive

Hiring across the UK and Northern Ireland, Bank of Ireland is looking to further represent untapped potential in the marketplace with a push for older workers.

Naomi Chadderton
Naomi Chadderton
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Having always been innovators in the world of banking and financial services, Bank of Ireland is championing a more age-diverse workforce, by joining the growing number of 55/Redefined Age Inclusive employers. As one of the most revolutionary banks in the world – and the largest lender in the Irish economy – Bank of Ireland leads the way in everything from technology to its diversity, inclusion, and employment practices.

This innovation and leadership meant that they were ahead of the curve when it came to recognising the challenges of an ageing workforce and the untapped potential of recruiting older workers; a cause led by the vision of Lyndsey Simpson of 55/Redefined and the growing number of companies signing up to transform how older employees are being perceived in the workplace.

Bank of Ireland is actively recruiting over-50s talent, with job opportunities in multiple departments and roles based in both the UK and Ireland.

Bank of Ireland is one of the leading financial services providers in Ireland, with a growing consumer financial services business in the UK and has been helping people and companies with their financial needs for over 230 years. Providing everything from current accounts to corporate finance, they employ more than 11000 people – and are now looking for fresh talent with plenty of life experience.

"Bank of Ireland is actively recruiting over-50s talent, with job opportunities in multiple departments and roles based in both the UK and Ireland."

Employee Support Networks That Drive Inclusion and Diversity

Fostering an inclusive workplace where all colleagues are empowered to reach their full potential, Bank of Ireland is committed to attracting, promoting and retaining diverse talent at all levels. This includes tackling ageism, leveraging the power of cultural and ethnic diversity, recognising and championing all genders, driving representation in LGBT+ communities and much more.

Organised by communities of colleagues, there are numerous Employee Support Networks in place to:

  • Promote inclusion, diversity and representation of the interests of specific communities.
  • Provide awareness and education to build understanding and leverage the power of difference.
  • Create professional and organisational opportunities through the ongoing success of these communities.
  • Propel the group’s Values, Inclusion & Diversity strategy.

Work/Life Balance Is a Priority

With managers that are committed to making sure employees thrive, Bank of Ireland is passionate about offering flexible working arrangements, with a culture that prioritises work/life balance.

Award-Winning Training and Development

Bank of Ireland is strongly committed to the development of all its employees, offering several online and instructor-led training sessions, including a Group Education Scheme, Learning Exchange and LinkedIn Learning facilities. There is also support for professional banking qualifications for relevant roles, and it’s never too late to learn. More than 2900 employees achieve professional qualifications with them each year.

Great Benefits

Designed to support and nurture employees, Bank of Ireland offers a wide range of employee benefits. These include:

  • Pension: The award-winning pension scheme RetireWell is available to all ROI and UK employees.
  • Commuting: Save money on work trips through several schemes, including Cycle to Work, Tax Saver Commuter tickets for those in ROI, and season ticket loans for UK colleagues.
  • Group discounts: Employees can save money and earn cashback on hundreds of well-known brands, products and services. Discounts are available online and in-store for employees and their families.
  • Holiday and insurance fund: Employees can save from their salary for holiday and annual insurance costs.
  • Days off for volunteering: Alongside commitments to its charity partners, Bank of Ireland also donate a day a year for each employee to give back to their community and help a charity or cause they are truly passionate about.

Empowering Positive Impact on Communities

Bank of Ireland is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, through its 'Investing in Tomorrow' programme. It also supports several community, arts and farming projects across the whole of Ireland. The bank also contributes to the UK Community Giving Fund.

Bank of Ireland’s Values

  • Team spirit: Teamwork makes the dream work at Bank of Ireland, where everyone comes together with a common purpose. Employees are encouraged to learn from each other and share ideas to create an open and trusting collaborative environment while fostering diversity of thought.
  • Agility: Employees at all levels embrace change with an open mind. You’ll never be left waiting long for an answer to a question, but you’ll also be challenged to look for new and simplified ways to deliver the best solutions for customers.
  • Accountability: All employees are empowered to take ownership of their decisions, learn from their mistakes and lead by example.
  • Charitable: The group has donated €25.5 million to its charities in the last eight years.

For Those Experienced Workers Who Wish to Join The Bank of Ireland Team, Exciting Opportunities Await

Bank of Ireland offers a diverse range of work opportunities, from niche and specialist roles to customer-facing and financial advisory posts. They are also recruiting for several roles that you may not immediately consider to be related to banking, so don’t hesitate to connect with the team – they’ll keep you updated as opportunities arise that match your skills and experience.