Winning New Business

Explore the way in which people communicate using powerful words that create images, feelings and descriptions to communicate more effectively.

Learning how to effectively close a deal, and win more business is an art form that takes skill and practice. Whether you are a seasoned account manager or entering a new business development role, you could benefit from this training.

However, learning to close a deal isn’t just for salespeople. Being able to get the results you desire in any transaction is a skill that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Are you considering a new job offer, business deal, or want to negotiate with your partner or children? Take advantage of this training course to get your intended outcome.

The course covers four lessons

  • Develop a strategic approach to winning new business
  • Learn how to reach the right people and get the appointment
  • Conduct yourself in the right way and make the right impression
  • Follow up in order to develop a profitable business relationship

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